The Canuck Donald
The Canuck Donald
The Canuck Donald. Member reactions:
FANTASTIC..... Beautiful Pic.
Excellent caricature of the Prez. Very clean and well balanced. Big Bronze Congrats Fugit.
Congrats Fugit, President Trump looks Adorable...

Funny Avril Lavigne And Her Canuck Fish

Avril Lavigne And Her Canuck Fish
Skinny Dippers Beware
Member reactions:
The Mountie Hat is a great touch. Nice Fish. I wonder what she used for bait...
Great job, Top 5 Gummy. Love crazy fish eyes and the moose on the loose back there. Lol

Funny Canucks William Shatner & Michael J. Fox

Canucks William Shatner & Michael J. Fox
Member reactions:
Excellent artwork, love the vivid colors.
Maybe pins look a bit far from dresses, but overall excellent.
Thank you Andrew, Luciano, Newsey and Crafty. Right, Luciano. I raised it for emphasis.
Congrads on the Cup, I knew u could do it.
Wonderful work here as always, hope you had a nice 4th of July. Congrats.

Funny The Super Canuck

The Super Canuck
Member reactions:
very cool idea. heres a suggestion you can choose to ignore: try getting a picture of a mans chest/torso and using it as a displacment map for the flag and then making a new a new layer burning and dodging the the areas that are dark and highlighted on the chest. i dont think you'll need the chest anymore after that.

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