Cannibal Cow
Cannibal Cow
Cannibal Cow. Got Beef. Does not taste like chicken. Best View
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Thanks very much Hobbit. Thanks Jere. Thank you Joan.
Holy Cow
Sweet. Reminds me of a story of a surgeon that could not stand the idea of bones in his body so removed nearly all of them by himself. Great chop.
Superb . After the pig (if I remember) and before ... an elephant .
Vomit its bone.. not digestive Genius work good luck
Thanx very much, Sulli Thanx Gummy yeah.. he's holy and boneless. :0 Thanx you Balo Yes Lu your right.. a virtual Zoo Thanx. Thank you Eric, I'll keep my boney fingers crossed. Thanks Friend, Doctor S-Canine. THanks Hit-Man......
Congrats SS.Which one do you like best, the pig or this one. This one didn't have the shock factor but I think it is more freaky . Beautiful job.
Thanks Doc Paul. Thank you friend, Jeremix. Thanks very much Hitz. Easy, I like the Pig best...I prefer the warmer colors and the simplicity of the lone sunflower really make the connection with me. Thanks, Great Question Hitz.
Congrats on the gold but considering a few weeks ago your hog throwing up his bones stopped me from ever eating pork chops again and now this cow and my hamburgers. If you chop a chicken next week there will be nothing left for me to eat and I will starve to death. And it will all be your fault.
Tanks NewsZ. Yeah your right...kinda like the food-chain buck stops here sorta thing.
Congrats on the Gold. The ret of the animal kingdom to follow (ha).
A well deserved gold for a stunning chop,congrats splatshot
Much Appreciated. TY Kellie Tanks, Bob. Gummy is sure to starve. Thanx Andwhat. Thanks Geri. Thanx very much Andrew. I Appreciate the Favorite. Great fun. A big rocking thanks to all who took time to vote and/or comment.

Funny Cannibal Meal Feeds Korea

Cannibal Meal Feeds Korea
Cannibals if only Kim Jong Un could donate his body to his people it could feed the world .
Member reactions:
Seems they all are very hungry Great job done
Scary Cannibalism Beware before you plan your holidays to Korea
Congratulations Preemie. Yummy **
Euwwwwwwwwww, pre hahahahahahaha. Never would have guessed this was yours. Nice stitching.
Gross and brilliant. Congrats on the bronze, pree.

Funny Cannibal Cookout

Cannibal Cookout
Cannibal Cookout sorry if this is too graphic for some, but I just got carried away with this.

Funny Cannibal Statue

Cannibal Statue

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