Cannabis Mona Lisa
Cannabis Mona Lisa
Cannabis Mona Lisa.

Funny Willie Nelson has Cannabis Delirium

Willie Nelson has Cannabis Delirium
Watch your phonetics Willie
Member reactions:
very funny and well done just one lil thing, if I may, the leaf on the front. Maybe with overlay mode or sthing like that you'll be able to make it fit totally to the background
Thanks Enviro, thanks Oldman If I make it home prior voting I will change the leaf as you suggested.
Changes made. I hope it is real good now.
It's freaking idea. Very clean work. All the Best.
Good job, and "I want to marry Juana."
Thank you all. Was a tough competition and we had some freaking cool entries.
I knew someone would have to do Wille....and you did him justice. Should send it to him..... Congrats.
I did as you said Carl and sent it to him through his website. He actually hosted a 420 event. Pretty funny dude.
Congrats Tarkus, cool idea and well done.

Funny Michael Phelps with Cannabis Pipe

Michael Phelps with Cannabis Pipe
14-times Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps caught with cannabis pipe

Funny Painting Smoking Cannabis

Painting Smoking Cannabis
Member reactions:
The central joint needs more work to feel volume I think.

Funny Cannabis Plant Christmas Tree

Cannabis Plant Christmas Tree

Funny Cannabis Hairstyle

Cannabis Hairstyle
Introducing the Hairstyle of Marijuana Users.
Member reactions:
Interesting image, even though some will say you need 5-7 blades on a leaf, I think most will say you really have to have at least 6 good blades on the leaf. (not that I would really know that or anything) That last blade on the far right could be worked more to show another true blade.
Nice. If not for the topic I'd not have fathomed it, though.
I would rather smoke the kind that curls your hair.
--> i think the seven leaves is very clear now
Amazing entry. Really thinking outside of the box, excellent job.

Funny Cannabis Clinton

Cannabis Clinton
Member reactions:
I Smoked this one before I chopped this
--> haha, well u can roll nice joints. We have to smoke one together
haha, well u can roll nice joints. Oefening baart kunst. -->We have to smoke one together eentje maar.
And I promise to legalize this product...
The leaves on the flag make a great touch.

Funny Keith Richards Cannabis Field

Keith Richards Cannabis Field

Funny Cannabis Flag

Cannabis Flag
Sure this is not the first time someone has this idea
Member reactions:
Perhaps not the first, but you did a nice clean job of it.

Funny Willie Nelson Arrested for Cannabis

Willie Nelson Arrested for Cannabis
Willie Nelson arrested for cannabis possession
Member reactions:
Arresting Willie Nelson for cannabis possession is like arresting a toddler for pooping his pants

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