51 U.S. Navy Personnel Acquired Cancers
51 U.S. Navy Personnel Acquired Cancers
51 U.S. Navy Personnel Acquired Cancers. 51 U.S. Navy Personnel Acquired Cancers After Helping Mitigate Fukushima Disaster USS Reagan Fukushima
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Hey, this is really cool. Can you please post your sources.
Horrific news.... all the sailors help to save Japan from outbreak infected with cancer.. This is bad
very well managed the work on sea surface-effect for the news

Funny Smoking and Cancer Advertising

Smoking and Cancer Advertising
please view full.
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Thanks God, thanks people; this is just a black humor joke, my feelings are so far from this. God bless every cancer patient and their family with health and spiritual support.

Funny Cancer Cures Smoking

Cancer Cures Smoking
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Nice job. I spend a lot more time on the bottom half of this chop.
Oops, double click . . . what's with all the slowness anyway.
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Funny Jimmy Carter Beats Cancer

Jimmy Carter Beats Cancer
Jimmy Carter's latest brain scan good news, doctors say

Funny Cancer Survivor Dancing in the Spotlight

Cancer Survivor Dancing in the Spotlight
She has endured one year of ongoing Cancer treatments and, still, loves to dance with her Troupe.
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Love the lighting here, hidden. What a lovely tribute to her.
The lighting is nice & you can find it here as resource stock I agree Paul, nice tribute.
She is the one.. yeh perfect lighting to luminous her personality. Lovely work
Great work on the beam of lights perfectly focusing on her to display her inner beauty good chop with the beam of light focus
This is a lovely tribute to a friend, geriatric. I love the lighting that you have used also.
Kellie: Actually, the Blue background came from: www.psdblast.com/.s=blue+stage+background . What's Deviant Art got to do with it. Also, I had to 'fix' a crappy iPhone photo of the subject in order to compliment the background. I never use Deviant Art, anyway.
Thanks to : Rajeshstar, Ericnorthend and Pcrdds.
By the way, I did not create the background image as Kellie pointed out. I thought the Voters would figure that out but, next time I will provide a link to anything that was not mine.
It is a deviantart stock image (wouldn't matter where it came from, you did not create it) and I posted it so the voters could see that it was not the author that had created it, as some were lead to believe (not all would work it out as you can see by the comments)...makes the voting a whole lot fairer as far as I am concerned and I do it on many images and will continue to do so if I feel it is required. TY for your time in commenting.
I wish her a full recovery and blessings. She has a strong spirit
Thanks for noting that fact so efficiently Kellie; next time ASK for a link and I will provide it. Then you won't have to blather-on extemporaneously.
Unfortunately, Nora passed away on March 11, 2015 and will be missed greatly.

Funny Barack Obama and a Cancer X-Ray

Barack Obama and a Cancer X-Ray
CNN: White House, Obama campaign distance themselves from Super PAC ad
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Very informative news link.... and good job to present it.. like it
Is this a publicity stunt kinda news from WH

Funny Breast Cancer Ribbons on Alcohol Bottles

Breast Cancer Ribbons on Alcohol Bottles
Any Type of Alcohol Drink Raises ... Cancer Risk, New Study

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