Canadian silhouette
Canadian silhouette
Canadian silhouette. Member reactions:
Those mountains in the background don't look Canadian. They look more Arizonan.

Funny Canadian Exports

Canadian Exports
Member reactions:
Nice show of many things Canadian. Carrey's face is a tad too red
Congrats on the cup.... Those are some big ---- on that squirrel

Funny Canadian Moving and Storage Service

Canadian Moving and Storage Service

Funny Canadian Mist

Canadian Mist
Member reactions:
Good Booze Is that a cowmoose patty Jim is stepping in. Congrats on the silver.
Congrads on the Silver Cup, Wonderful work.
Thank you, gentlemen. Happy 1st and 4th of July.

Funny A Canadian Cristmas Card with Tara Reid and Justin Bieber

A Canadian Cristmas Card with Tara Reid and Justin Bieber
James Cameron made the movie Titanic and decided to see what it was like being Santa Claus. Tara Reid volunteered to be his elf, and to his amazement Justin Bieber visited

Funny Child Canadian Mounties on Parade

Child Canadian Mounties on Parade
Member reactions:
Fraeky violent animal with mask and weapon .. got my most point The Canadian flag on the stream is like crunchy part of the the chop to addon the taste, very nice work
Funny horse ride. All inclusive collection of canadian fauna.
Many Canada-specific things shown here, cool. What about penguins though - they seem to be out of place

Funny Pamela Anderson with Canadian Mounties

Pamela Anderson with Canadian Mounties
July 1st Canadian celebrations: Canada - 147, Dan Aykroyd – 62, Pamela Lee Anderson – 47, and of course, it wouldn’t be a Canadian party without Disasterman.
Member reactions:
Cannot be a selfie because hands are involved in something else. .
Quality work. D-man looks so humble here... he is in good company.
Thanks Uncle Champ, it was a great party.
Ha-Ha, glad the party was great, D-Man.. Thanks for being a good sport, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind me taking the liberty of adding you to my work Thanks to everyone, for all the nice comments
Thank You Armatien, I really appreciate it...

Funny Canadian Marijuana Bud Monster

Canadian Marijuana Bud Monster
Oh, Canada. I thought you said Colorado Jk. Happy Birthday Canada. Home to the Prince of Pot and the Canadian Bud Monster
Member reactions:
Freaking awesome. Under a flag like that, I'd accept the Canadian citizenship at once.
Very clever, and a great job on Little Bud-Man. Congrats on the Wood, ItsHere ..

Funny Squirrel Holding the Canadian Flag

Squirrel Holding the Canadian Flag
Member reactions:
Sweet, though I'd keep the eagle photo realistic rather than apply an artistic filter

Funny Time Magazine Canadian Issue

Time Magazine Canadian Issue
We forgive Canada for Justin, but ONLY because they've sent us so many talented and beautiful people.

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