Totonto Clodest Place in Canada
Totonto Clodest Place in Canada
Totonto Clodest Place in Canada. This particular event reminded me of the time when conan obrien went to toronto and teased the heck out of anyone from montreal,or quebec for that matter. And yes he had triumph the insult talking dog there too.The snowmans name is Bonhomme,and he is the mascot for the quebec winter carnival.
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90 Degrees and Sunny in Toronto today, nice chop
Canada's own version of Godzilla. Nice work.
i,m so sorry disaterman,I saw that your profile said you are from toronto,so i,m like OMG....ooppps..i got the idea from a sign you post on the highway,those huge billboard ones. anyway, the add was in vancouver,you know...destroy the city because the hockey team choked....anyways the sign for this beer add said that the beer was just as cold as it was in toronto. I used to live in victoria for about 7 years then i moved back to the east between postings
In the Winter time it gets pretty cold here....too many days where its 20 below....thank god for the Summer time
Wonderful piece, congrats on the bronze, Robin.

Funny Hello Canada

Hello Canada
Hong Kong passenger boards Canadian flight wearing old-man mask
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Great idea and superbly done, but the face of the old man isn't all that old.
The older guy reminds be of none other than Stephen King. Great chop, and I like your choice of article - I read it too and wondered if anyone would chop it.
i thought it might be Stephen king too. great chop salis... and..pcrdds.. congratulations..
Congrats Salis, excellent work and effects
Congrats salis... Fantastic Job on it. Very funny, clever and splendid effect. Bravo.
thanx everyone.. nd Lol.. Pcrdds.. u are right, but I couldn't help my self using this source Image with such expressions.. even if he's not that old..

Funny Bear Celebrating Canada Day

Bear Celebrating Canada Day
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Sweet composition with many Canadian symbols. The "heart" Canada carved on the bark is freaking clever. and I like that this bear is a hockey fan and loves Canadian whiskey.
The whiskey, which are ancient Indian spirits Thank you NewsMaster.

Funny Leaves of Canada

Leaves of Canada
photoshop used only.
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This would make a SUPER postcard for Canada Day.

Funny Canada Soccer Ball

Canada Soccer Ball
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nice, hope Canadian soccer gets as good as Canadian hockey one day.
Congrats Bluestriker I like the impact FX especially.
Congrats on the wood bluestriker, I really like this one
Congrats on your first gold, bluestriker.
Hahaha, thanks rwpike. I've seen your profile already and I found out that your one of the well known artist here in freaking news. Your my IDOL.

Funny The Country of Canada

The Country of Canada
It took millions of years worth of continental drift, but Canada has finally won it's freedom.
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This is great.. I would love to see a tut on how you did this
Great piece here Tuuluu. Congrats on your Bronze.
Thanks again for all your votes and comments.

Funny Barack Obama on Canada Day

Barack Obama on Canada Day
Bob & Doug McKenzie 24th Anniversary
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oh yes. love it eh you hoser, the contest is over, this wins by default.
THis is Great ONe Our Great King of Designs
where's geddy lee.. take off, eh. NICE JOB.
... This is really great Congrats on the Gold in advance..
Always knew there was something up with those geese
Excellent composition. I love how you made the paint drip on the lower part of the painted leaf
Thanks all . Koo loo koo koo, koo loo koo koo.
Congrats on the Gold Rain... This totally had you written all over it...
wwwwwwww so crissp ,,love the chop congratulations rain
Comgrats rain. Nice view the rest of the world has on Canada. Kinda makes me proud to be a Canadian. Cheers.
that was totally Fantastic work ... Congrats RainKing
this was fantastic AZ. You are a chop God.

Funny Barack Obama Canada Flag

Barack Obama Canada Flag
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Nice. He looks like Canadian mime here, .

Funny Air Canada Goose Airplane

Air Canada Goose Airplane
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Now that's funny. Does it poop all over the runway too.
This is an excellent shop with the plane drawing. The underside reflection was a great touch.
Silver congratulations NGM. Is it a goose or a swan.
They had a whole fleet of these ready to go into service ... but they had to scrap the plan when they found out that they all took off and landed together. Very Inventive. Congratulations.

Funny Big Hole in Canada

Big Hole in Canada
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Excellent composition and clean work - looks like a real photo.

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