Astronauts Camping on the Moon
Astronauts Camping on the Moon
Astronauts Camping on the Moon. Four Decades After Apollo 11, Moon Trips Are Making a Comeback
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Honestly, I think this is one of the finest chops in the contest. I bet it took lots of work to bring all lights shadows and colors in perfect harmony

Funny Monkey Politicians Flight Training Camp

Monkey Politicians Flight Training Camp
Member reactions:
. The main advise to astronauts: feed the monkeys and don't touch any buttons.
Exactly like you said, don't touch anything.
You managed to include everything hahahahaha . Good job.

Funny Snail With His Camping Shell

Snail With His Camping Shell

Funny Barack Obama at Camp David with JFK

Barack Obama at Camp David with JFK

Funny Camp Star Wars Stormtrooper

Camp Star Wars Stormtrooper
I think the 'Camp Star Wars Stormtrooper' should be Time Magazine's person of the year because he's kinda cute & cuddly, only thinks good things and does a lot of great work behind the scenes to get the world back on its feet. Aka known as something to do with a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet; turn it into a flying camp wrestler who thrusts floursescent nipples into your face.
Member reactions:
... Wonderful helmet... Is this fit of two persons good one
Very creative pop-art style chop. I'd frame it in the official Time magazine format though - to make it even better
Hi, thanks a lot for the views and votes for this artwork which I have now renamed 'Incredible Star Wars Stormtrooper Boy' because he looks a little like someone from the movie 'The Incredibles' NewsMaster, I can do that, how do I send it to you.

Funny Barack Obama Camping with a Bear

Barack Obama Camping with a Bear
Member reactions:
This would be true in near future very funny to see Obama is unaware of the Bear

Funny Secret FEMA Camp

Secret FEMA Camp
The latest trend in state of the art sustainable living. Fun for the whole family.
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Aaaah... The FEMA Camps that Glenn Beck said he would get to the bottom of. And then before he got to the bottom of them, it was predicted that he would actually come back with footage and information that was proven to be false in order to use it as a way to debunk ALL FEMA Camps. Many fell for his rubbish attempt, but the awakening is moving at light speed, and many are realizing that these camps are all over the place. Good Job...
Great one All bamboo house represents as a small cottages for visitors

Funny Family Camping Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Family Camping Enjoying the Great Outdoors
Enjoying the great outdoors, I know I would.
Member reactions:
If you are out with her there is "No if Only Butt"
Hahaha, cool

Funny Sarah Palin at Fat Camp

Sarah Palin at Fat Camp
Member reactions:
Fantastic, hilarious chop ... with that head and that body, the FN must stand for "Fat Nincompoop"
Lovely. They look so relaxed, fat & happy.
Nice FN Tattoo and great job done with her facial expression and fat cat
ha ha ha ha ha fatty concept excellent and very funny Liked what u did with the cat

Funny Harold Camping as Nostradamus

Harold Camping as Nostradamus
Maybe they'll believe me if I said I'm the reborn Nostradamus.

Funny Camping Buddies

Camping Buddies
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of camping buddies any way you wish (image credit Benjamin Earwicker). Some examples are - re-dressing these camping buddies, making them perform some stunts, designing a poster with this image of the camping boys, putting the camping boys into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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