Harold Camping as Nostradamus
Harold Camping as Nostradamus
Harold Camping as Nostradamus. Maybe they'll believe me if I said I'm the reborn Nostradamus.

Funny Carrots Telling Camp Fire Stories

Carrots Telling Camp Fire Stories
"... And in the middle of the night, while your sleeping, the floppy eared monster comes to eat you.... "
Member reactions:
Perfect concept and execution...I mean creation. Good luck.
Excellent use of lighting to create atmosphere.
Thanks for the votes. It's been real fun, but now I guess i can no longer enter the apprentice contest, can only play in the big boy contest now
Congratulations. Funny to be sure-as long as you are not a Carrot pursued by a floppy-eared Monster.

Funny Man Being Cooked on a Camp Fire

Man Being Cooked on a Camp Fire

Funny Camping Our Gang Style

Camping Our Gang Style
*NOTE* I do apologize, to the earlier submission which mine looks similar too, I did not copy you. For all intense purposes it seems we both had the same idea...good luck to you..

Funny Princess Leia Goes Camping

Princess Leia Goes Camping
Member reactions:
Nice composition and funny with Carrie being oblivious.
Nicely lit with great perspective . . . I thought at first she was picking her seat with that free hand

Funny Mr Camping with Prophecy For Dummies Book

Mr Camping with Prophecy For Dummies Book
Well I have no reason or reasons to be embarrassed...and I'm not complaining... Mr. Camping

Funny Harold Camping The False Prophet

Harold Camping The False Prophet
This man's a real nut case. Forget the numbers Harold and read the BIBLE.
Member reactions:
Nice chop. Only five days left. Cry mightily unto god.
Whoever Harold is, the Bible won't help him much either unless he can get showers of pennies from Heaven or should that be trillions.
Amen.Maybe, this joker could keep guessing and sooner or later get it right.The funny thing is, the odd ball people that follows along with this,these nuts leave thier crap everywhere.It's like chicken little thinking the sky is falling.
Oh yeah, 4 days left now. Gonna be one Hecka - a week in news contest.
This old fart thinks the world will end May 21th. He did the same thing back in the 90s.

Funny Twins Camping

Twins Camping
Member reactions:
Watch your seam in the center where you mirrored and merged the image... especially at the base of the tent.

Funny Redneck Kids Camping

Redneck Kids Camping
Freaking News changes everything.
Member reactions:
i dont get the shadow on the tent camera man. kid looks blitzed
Boys will be boys, . Thanks for "completing" this source photo.

Funny The Apprentice TV Show Goes Camping

The Apprentice TV Show Goes Camping
Donald pulls the old jump out from behind a tree with a chainsaw, raincoat, and makeup gag on his unsuspecting guests. Large is more potent
Member reactions:
This is wickedly beautiful. I like how you used the chainsaw man source too. Great job.

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