Men Find Huge Camera
Men Find Huge Camera
Men Find Huge Camera.

Funny Camera Accordion

Camera Accordion
Member reactions:
Congratulations on your first gold and big welcome to Freaking news.

Funny Camera at Cancun

Camera at Cancun
The pyramid is a good subject, wonder if the photographer noticed any similarity .

Funny Man with a Camera Head Painting

Man with a Camera Head Painting

Funny Camera Train

Camera Train
Front portion of an old train. They stopped making these back in 1827.
Member reactions:
I like this pic. I think the camera integrates well with the steel wheels, tracking and I also like the B&W to reflect times gone by.
Very well blended and realistic, I love it.

Funny Golden Camera

Golden Camera
Member reactions:
easy1 but well done
This looks real enough to make me want to buy it.

Funny Posing for the camera

Posing for the camera
I spent hours working on the positioning and color.. hope you like it...
Member reactions:
If you had pulled the guy would be much better But this well done congratulations
I think it turned out very well. It looks like a real photo.

Funny Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Funny Samsung & Verizon to Launch Camera Phone

Samsung & Verizon to Launch Camera Phone
Member reactions:
Ooooo, Look. As soon as we take a picture, we can chop it with the built in software.
What ever happened to phones that you just talked on.

Funny Camera


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