PSMandrake Earns a Living In California
PSMandrake Earns a Living In California
PSMandrake Earns a Living In California. PSMandrake will soon be living in California - quite a change from Italy, I would think.
Member reactions:
, a really excellently done chop, Doc. Actually looks like his style..... Bronze congrats. Yeah, I expect some culture shock is in the lad's future hehehe. Remind him we don't wear ties, everybody owns a gun even if they say they don't and all California girls are Big welcome to a most desired addition to the American family.
Thanks, everyone. I'll be sure to tell him when I see him, Tim.
Thanks, Andrew, hobbit, its420 and lucido.

Funny California Waxman Ground Squirrel

California Waxman Ground Squirrel
Notice: Owing to outgoing Congressman Henry Waxman's uncanny resemblance to a rodent, the author is compelled to advise reviewers: This is actually a chop of a squirrel with Waxman's features. Redundant you say.
Member reactions:
Amazing eyebrow, spec and that yellow teeth is so crazy...Big nose buddy got my point
Cool beans I would, however, add some shadows from his hands and the bucket

Funny California Drought Worsens

California Drought Worsens
With no rain, the California drought has really worsened
Member reactions:
Her doctor told her - don't sit on the sun too much, or your FreakingNews ship will never come.
Quality stuff Good to see the costume still existing..
Awesome chop. Big ship should be fully in light
Good point, luciano. Thanks for reminding me.
This is awesome way of representing the news link the corps with undergarments and the ship weraked in the sea without water is amazing good one
One of your best ever. This one is a beauty. Big congrats, Doc
Thanks, Jim. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Gummy. Thanks, G-Man.


 THE TREASURE OF CALIFORNIA California couple finds $10M in gold coins buried in yard
Member reactions:
This has a nice St. Patrick's day subtle reference. My favorite part though is the guy with his head in the dug hole with his puppy on him
Very Interesting job doneNice Collection of gold coins..
I agree with NM, I would loke to see the man's face because he was late in finding the treasure.

Funny California 'Brown' Out

California 'Brown' Out
Govenor Brown Declares Drought Emergency For California
Member reactions:
Excellent composition to link the news story... good job in putting the boats and the dried lake to show of the drought.... Like it
Looks very cute and innocent very well executed..
Excellent. Love the perspective angle here

Funny Tiny Terminator the Governor of California

Tiny Terminator the Governor of California
The Little Terminator..

Funny Riding in a Marijuana Car in California 90420

Riding in a Marijuana Car in California 90420
Member reactions:
This would make a great movie poster. . Great work.
I've been in a car, not unlike this one, with a little 420.
Excellent, bad luck now two masters are back, let the battles begin.
Another beauty of caricature work from Rodney. wish this could get a trophy too.

Funny California Bankrupt

California Bankrupt

Funny Maria Shriver Hitching a Ride Away From California

Maria Shriver Hitching a Ride Away From California
Maria Shriver Files for Divorce From Arnold Schwarzenegger

Funny UFO over California Nancy Pelosi Witch

UFO over California Nancy Pelosi Witch
UFO or Passenger Plane. Sources Used
Member reactions:
"It feels sooo good," said Nancy. It will take a rocket to get her blown out of office. Great work.
The real origin of the deathly hallows, . A great composite...wish I could make hair that good too.
A witch and a wizard, BRILLIANTLY crafted. The splashing wine in the glass is a nice touch
Thanks all for the votes & comments and to my lovely arm model
Congrats on the silver keepitreal...Awesome caricature work...Very creative.
Congrats on the silver Real, excellant.....

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