Queen Michel Caine
Queen Michel Caine
Queen Michel Caine.

Funny Michael Caine by Claude Monet

Michael Caine by Claude Monet
Member reactions:
. This is amazing. Congrats on the gold, PixelJockey..
Congratulations on the Gold Trophy, Pix. Extraoroinary job of Moneting, Michael Caine.

Funny Michael Caine Superman

Michael Caine Superman
Member reactions:
A middle class super hero... turning zero into Hero is his core competencies well composed like the shady and smoky effects

Funny Homeless Michael Caine

Homeless Michael Caine
Member reactions:
Funny. His face does not tone in with rest of the picture. Tanned face, pink neck.
... hard times does not comes to all .... its a way to lead the life looks funny with the crazy hairs

Funny Michael Caine in Bed with Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama

Michael Caine in Bed with Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama
The Democrats have said the combination of Hillary and Michelle would be their "Dream Team" for the 2016 Election.
Member reactions:
Great idea.... once in a life time opportunity to spend some time with the First ladies of USA he goes crazy at 80 well done
Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid. Thanks, raj. Thanks, Billy Mac.
Siver Cup Congratulations Doc, a fantastic piece..
You are going to run out of room for your trophies Paul .
I would not wish this on the poor guy. Congrats on the Silver though.
Thanks, UncleChamp. Thanks, Dame Christine. Thanks, Bob.
Silver congrats, Paul. "NJOY" was a good one.

Funny Michael Caine Celebrating His Birthday with the Zulu's

Michael Caine Celebrating His Birthday with the Zulu's
Member reactions:
Michael's head looks too big. You cannot see the collar of his uniform.
Not bad. One thing I would suggest is to make sure your shadows are all going in the same direction. Like the table and Michael
Okay AzureSky and cfc7980, I scraped the bobblehead look and tweaked the shadows, thanks for the advise
Yes head looks bit bigger.... and he do not cast a shadow....

Funny Michael Caine Climbing a Tree to Escape a Shark

Michael Caine Climbing a Tree to Escape a Shark
Member reactions:
This works for me as a funny concept.Good work on the water splash.
Good work on the water front and all animals both on land and water were behind him good one like the shark and the big cat after him well done
Congrats on the Wood, silvercanine … nice work.
Woody Cup congrats Silver, wonderful effects.

Funny Michael Caine in the Desert

Michael Caine in the Desert
When I read up on Mr. Caine I noticed he said if he should be remembered for anything, it should be for his role in, "The Man Who Would Be King" He has quite a few years behind him now without a tombstone. His candle is still burning bright. May he enjoy many more.
Member reactions:
Thank you. Being new here I am still trying to learn the ropes. ; )
This has a dreamlike quality. It stands out because of this. Well Thought out and composed.
Thank you. It seemed the obvious way for me to go once I had studied up on the Gentleman. I am still trying to learn the methods here, being new. I am bad to keep the concept tight to what I interrupt the assignment to be. ; ) Appreciate the props.
The concept of lit candle in his hands with graves left behind him... he is still growing younger day by day... nice birthday gift given to him
Your knocking on the door Bmore, it was a excellent entry.
Thank you. My first try at one under the deadline. I will certainly try to improve. ; )
One of my favorites in the contest. and nice reference to the Zulu movie.
Thanks for the welcome AsureSky. ; ) Glad you enjoyed the entry NewsMaster. Glad to be on board and looking forward to many fine chops. ; ) Have been a lurker here for a long time.

Funny Michale Caine Hot Air Balloon

Michale Caine Hot Air Balloon
This is my first contest at FN. I saw one of Rodney Pikes post on G+ and thought this would be fun. Win I read about all the Awards Michale Cain had won I thought to myself, , I bet hes got a big head. So, after I blew up his head, I filled it with hot air. Happy birthday Mr. Cain. hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did making it.
Member reactions:
Thanks everyone for the kind words and boost of confidence. I better not let it go to my head though, don't want to end up floating away like Mr. Caine. Haha I can see myself becoming a freakingnews junkie.
This is excellent. Impressive attention to detail. Love the way you have included the seams on the balloon.
Really enjoyed the illustrative quality to your entry. A quality I would like to become proficient with. I always enjoy good tips if you have any to pass along. Welcome to the site. You and I are both new. ; )
Thanks. I'm still pretty new to all this myself. I have only been doing caricatures for about 6 weeks, and I have only had Photoshop for 10 months. I would be glad to pass along any tips or help in any way I can. The main thing that helps me is practice. I spend about 40 to 50 hours a week working on my skills. If you have any questions I will do my best to help.
Thanks AzureSky. That was just the burn tool with a small brush and a steady hand . It really helped make the balloon believable though. You wouldn't happen to know how I make my name visible instead of hidden author would you.
After the voting is over, UR name will appear like Magic.
You have done a outstanding job... nice to see his head blowing up in the air with hot air being pumped into... Great freaky expression given to his face and he looks happy with his life Well done with in making the Cake flying along with him... .Nice birthday present given to him
Congrats on your first entry and FIRST GOLD.
Thanks. I can't believe it. Thanks everyone for the support and kind words. Can't wait to do another one
He steps up to the plate, and knocks it out of the park with the first swing . . . Gold Cup Congrats on your 1st entry … great caricature work, I love the homage to "Bugs B" in the toothal area Welcome to FN Chopland, International
Thanks. I'm supper pumped to do another contest. I'm sure you will be seeing more of my caricatures in future contest
congratulations, well done, you deserve it. Welcome to Freaking News.
Congrats on your first win, cfc. And welcome to the site.

Funny Michael Caine Statue

Michael Caine Statue
Member reactions:
This works rather well, I like the graduation from the hand through to the colours behind Michael.
Excellent effects used... a multidimensional chop with filters of glass and rays were well combined
Bronze Congrats news1st … great effect work staying true to his likeness
Congrats on the bronze, Tracy. Nice texture work here
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Funny Michael Caine

Michael Caine
On March 14 Academy award winner Michael Caine celebrates his 80th birthday. Having starred in over 100 movies, Caine is one of England's most famous actors and one of the very few actors in history to have won all of the following awards: Academy Award (twice), Golden Globe (thrice), BAFTA Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award. Many British viewers remember Caine for his roles as agent "Harry Palmer" (movies "Billion Dollar Brain", "Funeral in Berlin", etc.). Harry Palmer was created as a middle-class analogy of James Bond - a simple guy who went from zero to hero. To celebrate the 80th birthday of Michael Caine, photoshop him any way you wish.

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