Brooke Shields Loved Dean Cain
Brooke Shields Loved Dean Cain
Brooke Shields Loved Dean Cain. Dean Cain was Brooke Shields' first lover
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Thanks, everyone. That was the point, luciano.

Funny Herman Cain as Mr T

Herman Cain as Mr T

Funny Herman Cain Spending Bling

Herman Cain Spending Bling

Funny Herman Cain Hustling

Herman Cain Hustling
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thanks rajesh, how could i have improved.. i feel 6th isn't bad but would have liked top 4 or 5.. i know there's a couple things that could have improved here.. the cigarette and his head namely imo

Funny Herman Cain the Pimp

Herman Cain the Pimp
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Thanks guys, it seems like I picked a common theme for this contest.
Congrads Canuck, truly another saver,....
Very well done pic,and sooo darn cute. Congrats....

Funny Herman Cain on Mt Rushmore

Herman Cain on Mt Rushmore
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Nice rock work, but I liked it better when you first submitted it without Obama on top. It takes away from the realism becuase he's way too big
Thanks Funk. Yeah I didn't think it was going to go over all that well any way so I decided to add some humor.
no prob, humor is always good to add, but realism is important too.... Maybe you could of made all the presidents in his image or had him smoking a big rock cigar or something for more punch and still keeping it consistant and realistic. I made one similar at Worth years ago with Bigbird on Rushmore and it didn't go over well. I think it came in 2nd to last

Funny Herman Cain the B-Movie Actor

Herman Cain the B-Movie Actor

Funny Herman Cain In Star Trek

Herman Cain In Star Trek
Easier being the captain of the Enterprise than a presidential candidate.
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Look at him

Funny Pimp Herman Cain

Pimp Herman Cain
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Nice work Mandrake, I noticed we used the similar costumes in our chops.

Funny Herman Cain as Santa with Mitt Romney Elf

Herman Cain as Santa with Mitt Romney Elf
Well of course he became Santa...
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Just Freaking Great. Lots of incredible work done here.
You get an A for taking the time to lift the freaking Christmas tree lights.
doggy i was so tired. i stayed up all night.
Mr. Cain & Bubbles do Christmas:Hilarious.
Crazy santa where is my Pizza
Congrats pee, awesome job, lots a freaking work.
Super Duper Gold pree. Great caricatures.
Congrats Kerri one the Gold , This has been your month of all good things your way ,Merry X-mas to a awesome chop ....
Congrats Pree, Awesome work.. Cain's expression is priceless and the lights are a Nice touch. It kinda ties the comp together. My only nit pick is the lighting direction on the white guys face...seems like it should be in the direction coming from the candle.
funkwood thanks its whitelight coming from the mooon
Excellent as always my Dear, always a lost for words, Big Congratulations.
Fair enough Pree, I can see that now. But if that were the case wouldn't we see Highlights on the left side of his body too.
Totally excellent, awesome, superb, stupendous, magnificent...and funny too. Adding to faves.

Funny Herman Cain's Next Job

Herman Cain's Next Job
The former pizza executive Herman Cain has ended his bid for the GOP presidential nomination last Saturday, after numerous accusations of extra-marital affairs and misconduct. Hours after he announced that he's dropping out of the presidential race, Cain has received a job offer with a salary of $400,000 to become the President of American Operations of a famous extra-marital dating site. There are other job offers coming in for Cain too, as his options are now open. However, it's unlikely that any future GOP nominee will choose him as his running mate. Now that Herman Cain dropped out of the presidential race, photoshop what his next job may (or may not) be.

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