Elvis' Mini Cadillac
Elvis' Mini Cadillac
Elvis' Mini Cadillac. 500-CI Elvis
Member reactions:
Good road and good speed here, nice mirror effect as well
Excellent work done smoke idea is also good

Funny Jane Russell Sitting on a Tiny Cadillac

Jane Russell Sitting on a Tiny Cadillac
Cadillac unveils new SRX before Detroit Auto Show With Jane Russell modeling it. Sources
Member reactions:
Clean work. I like how you added Jane to the car - really shows the car size.
Thanks NewsMaster. I made the car a "toy" also from it's original image, and I love adding the old with the new.
I know you shrinked the car, peg. Congratulations on the great win.
I know that you knew, Newsy. Just stating it because I love announcing the obvious. , It's an O.C.D. thang.... Thanks Rainman.. Thanks Hamid..

Funny Cadillac Covered in Graffiti

Cadillac Covered in Graffiti
Member reactions:
A dream car as nostalgic than the parked in front of Miami's Marlin.

Funny Cadillac Hummer

Cadillac Hummer
Member reactions:
Nice job. Nice concept. Nice colors. Nice Hygglo glow. Not so nice small full view.

Funny Porsche Cadillac Hybrid

Porsche Cadillac Hybrid
porsche cadillac hybrid
Member reactions:
Err.. that's really what the side of an old Cadillac looks like, at least based on the source photo: http://www.plentywood.com/images/Car%20Club/1959%20Cadillac.JPG

Funny Cadillac Oldsmobile Hybrid

Cadillac Oldsmobile Hybrid
Two Tone, Cadillac and Oldsmobile mix, kinda looks like the PT cruiser to me....

Funny Pontiac Solstice Cadillac

Pontiac Solstice Cadillac
The Pontiac Solstice with 60's Cadillac flair.
Member reactions:
Excellent idea, you know it would sell...
Love it, would like to see the front too though

Funny Cows Driving a Cadillac

Cows Driving a Cadillac
Theif steals calves, stuffing them in his car. source car source
Member reactions:
Mooooove over, would ya. You're squishing me.
MOOOOVE your DAIRY-airres out of our whey.
"Next time, let's get a Pontiac Cattleina."
...Who let the calves out.. moo, moo, moomoomoo, moo

Funny Cadillac VGR

Cadillac VGR
GM spends $17 million annually on drugs like Viagra (The slogan was used by Cadillac in 1959)
Member reactions:
Brilliant idea, Clean chop. This is what FNOTW is all about.
Out of the box, out of proportions Great entry

Funny Yao Cadillac

Yao Cadillac

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