How The Hog Ate The Cabbage
How The Hog Ate The Cabbage
How The Hog Ate The Cabbage. If you tell someone how the hog ate the cabbage, it means you tell it like it is- tell someone the truth that they probably don't want to hear. This little guy can't read.

Funny Barack Obama Cabbage

Barack Obama Cabbage
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Member reactions:
Nice work-looks like that Prezidential plant.
. . . . phenomenal work, really nice touch with the ladybug mole . . . It's so good, I wish I could see it larger ...
thanx everyone qtrmoonshop: good Eye mate , I added a link for Higher resolution.
Excellent . . . thanks for the Hi-res version . . . it looks golden
He's back. Gold congrats, Young Mr. Salis.
Glad to see your beautiful perfect works again, golden congrats Salis.
Awesome work from the awesome chopper. Great to see you again, Mr. Salis, and congrats on the golden cabbage.
thanx for the warm welcoming gang, I missed being here
Great work teacher .... Loove It ^^ Big Congrats one the golD

Funny Mr. Bean Cabbage

Mr. Bean Cabbage

Funny Angelina Jolie as a Cabbage

Angelina Jolie as a Cabbage
Member reactions:
This as Clean as it Gets.
i was thinking of naming it that too, azuresky. It could also be cabbage eating strawberry, right.
Great work as always funkwood. Very vibrant. Love the colors. Congrats.
Left all us competition cabbage. Good job.
thank you so much everyone. In my first attempt i tried to turn angelina into a strawberry, but i didn't like the results, so i went with the cabbage theme. Cheers.
Soon as I saw this I knew it was a winner. Congrats on the gold FW
Congratulations on the win, funkwood. Very artistic work. Would love to see her as a strawberry, too
Congratulations on the magnificent win, Wood. You are on a roll.

Funny Man with a Cabbage Head Reading a Book

Man with a Cabbage Head Reading a Book
Full View Please. Thanks to's edited now. News Source
Member reactions:
Excellent work on the head. He is, however, reading the book back-to-front though as the cover should be on the opposite side. Should still place well though.
awesome edited version. is this the father cabbage.
very nice integration, if you excuse can you share this trick with us

Funny Girl Made of Cabbage

Girl Made of Cabbage
Full View Please for Clearer Image
Member reactions:
It's beautiful. It also rocks. it's bloody brilliant. Photoshopping at its best.
i want to say one thing about " Its bloody brilliant and great execution nice shadows, nice perspective its simply freaky entry all the best
OMG. this is so fabulous, it's almost perfect. i only will put my finger on the mouth wich need to be more dark (black) inside it, and the eye need some white area but if u prefer u can use yellow by white to keep the entries tones. Sure this will rock on the top.
, what an entry, brilliant idea, excellent texture on the hole body, just one thing, the salat looks a bit of under the chin
... This is excellent work... Definate winner... Congrats in Advance
This is really great work. I've added it to my personal favorites. Absolutely fantastic.
Congrat's gold Nilo, beatifull jobe... number one.. Junka

Funny Cabbage Patch

Cabbage Patch
U.S. soldiers winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi children.

Funny Cabbage George W Bush

Cabbage George W Bush
It was a big drop from POTUS to eBay but George remained confident someone would adopt him.
Member reactions:
Yikes. Those dolls were always a bit disturbing, but this is just frightening. Great job.
hahahaha. this is one of the funniest things i've ever seen. nice job
eww no one would want him. Don't knock cabbage patch dolls I had one when I was young.

Funny Weird Al Yankovic with a Cabbage Patch Doll

Weird Al Yankovic with a Cabbage Patch Doll
Weird Al posing for a Raphael painting.
Member reactions:
He should get a chuckle if he sees this one

Funny Baby Girl Found in Cabbage

Baby Girl Found in Cabbage
Member reactions:
Lol. That hand reaching in the basket on the right is REALLY creepy.
She's been doing something more then growing veggies in her garden.

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