C3PO the Bartender
C3PO the Bartender
C3PO the Bartender. RAISING THE BAR

Funny C3PO the Mime

C3PO the Mime

Funny C3PO and Darth Vader Hybrid

C3PO and Darth Vader Hybrid
Member reactions:
One human-like robot and one robot-like human. Works for me Nice job
Great Idea, Terhonen. Congrats on the theme post.

Funny C3PO in Wall-E Movie

C3PO in Wall-E Movie

Funny C3PO and Yoda in Manet Painting

C3PO and Yoda in Manet Painting
Member reactions:
Congratulations. Better every entry-keep choppin'.
Congrats Tusav. Actually, per the Star Wars time line, C3PO and Yoda are ancient and not modern at all if you want to split hairs, Chris hahahaha. "In a Galaxy a long time ago and far, far away" and all that Still... a cute chop
A freaking masterpiece, very clever. Congrats on the gold, tusav.

Funny R2D2 C3PO in Vintage Photo

R2D2 C3PO in Vintage Photo

Funny C3PO Wearing Denim

C3PO Wearing Denim
Member reactions:
Levis logo and design is great... and over all the Skeleton Bike is superb
Fantastic background. What abt that.. is that terminator/Ghost rider
haha...ericnorthend...i like that...thanks again all. i wish i had the bike

Funny C3PO Tinman

C3PO Tinman
Member reactions:
I thought of this characterization once but never tried it. COOL. Nice work John

Funny Bender as C3PO

Bender as C3PO
c3po is basic source, just used parts from sleeves to make him more benderfied (eyes & teeth hand done) and added backgrounds ,levels, pod, usual stuff to make a grainy source slightly better
Member reactions:
Benders got a shiny new outfit, reminds me o that episode where he meets his gold parallel self

Funny C3PO Star Wars Knight

C3PO Star Wars Knight
Star Wars presents... C3PO Knight action figure...
Member reactions:
Work-wise it is good. Probably real good graphically. But, I gotta ask - Are there a lot of Homo ... ual Catholic kids who are not allowed to watch Star Wars. And if so, why can't they watch Star Wars. Is it Star Wars in particular or are there other movies, too. Like in the old days when the Catholic Church had lists of movies, books, etc. 'verbotten' to the faithful.
idia of combining c3po with knight it's great but i don't like the idea of making it gay
Not offended, just totally confounded. Is there a rash of gay Catholic kids who are being denied C3P0. Should we start a letter writing campaign, or have t-shirts printed. Were you high when you thought this up. Any of the above are OK, I'm just trying to figure out... what the...
I'll go with (C), I was probably really high.

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