Good Bye Old Friend, You'll Be Missed
Good Bye Old Friend, You'll Be Missed
Good Bye Old Friend, You'll Be Missed. Member reactions:
Awesome job, with Burt perfectly worked into poster.
Thank you, very much, Burt was a good one, really liked his acting .
Congrats on the Gold and a great tribute, Hobbit.
Wonderful Tribute. Congrats on the Gold, Hobbit.

Funny Good Bye Hollywood

Good Bye Hollywood
Member reactions:
Looks like HollyWood, after volcano.. And Beautifully Done..

Funny Good Bye General Shepard

Good Bye General Shepard

Funny US Rooster vs. Russian Spy Chicken (good bye from Obama)

US Rooster vs. Russian Spy Chicken (good bye  from Obama)
Vladimir Putin invited children of 35 US diplomats to Kremlin for Christmas in latest Barack Obama jibe
Member reactions:
I think that now their position is reversed.

Funny Bye, bye, Hilly!

Bye, bye, Hilly!
Member reactions:
Hilarious Hidden. Love it. Pleasing on many levels.
Damn. I was working on trump in a jet as fighter pilot just beofer this was uploaded. Nice job.
Yes, although I doubt their quibbling is quite over. Just over the election.
Good job but the trajectory of the ejection seat is strange, it does not seem to come from the rear of the plane.

Funny Bye bye

Bye bye
Member reactions:
The bird seems to have just a tad to much red i think, but apart from that it's a great blend and a really funny dude.
Very cute. The spots going from head to tail add realism.

Funny Bye Bye Bo

Bye Bye Bo

Funny Bye Bye Ellie May Donna Douglas Tribute

Bye Bye Ellie May Donna Douglas Tribute
Such a fun lady. RIP
Member reactions:
Just wish the doggie was as hi-res as everthing else. Otherwise, well done.
TY Doc and Hobbit. Every time same comment. Makes me question myself where it isn't necessary. Is the dog high res enough to convey the message. I believe so. I don't make these things so tight so as to looked machined. That is not art for me. In fact, that just might destroy my artistic sense completely. Just sayin
And on top of that everyone knows that those old hound dogs really are blurry in real life, (just like big foots). It's a real nice chop.
A very lovely tribute to a very funny and sweet actress.
Congrads on a couple of cups,u b busy boy.
i knew you couldn't stay away. congrats on the double. never heard of her ,nor of sharktank, but you did a fine job.
Thank you Lucianp, Joan, Swashbuckle, Gummy, Sullishire, Elegary Hobbit
Actually I'm not that busy HH. I did the Ellie one the day she died. The dinosaur-alien one I have had done for weeks and the only one I really have done recently is the shark tank. That was done over a period of several days; clearly a big chop. I just threw them all in the one contest when it came around. Jere, I am not quitting, I just can't justifiably invest the time financially. It is a money thing, we all go through it. There is a certain amount that I have to meet, albeit very small but it still must be met. So if I am not making it here I have to make it elsewhere. That's all If I seemed a little miffed it is mostly because I love chopping and don't want to change. Thank you for the votes everyone.
Oh, Cool,,, Now you can afford enough gas to go down to the pound and pet one of those real life blurry hounds. Grats bro.
Tim I am definitely your number one fan, I love you and your amazing chops.
Beeyoootiful Tim, I love you and your work
Gummy and Quartermoon. And that is so sweet Christien, hugs. Thanks to PJ, Wanderer and Bob too.
I love the dog, such a lovely expression ...
Wonderful tribute, congrats on the silver, Hits.
Congrats Tim. Great tribute and lots of cool details.

Funny Ann Margaret Star of Bye Bye Birdie

Ann Margaret Star of Bye Bye Birdie
Bye Bye Birdie Turns 50
Member reactions:
Thanks. It was really hard to get all the shadowing and lighting right in the move to this setting from the original pic. Luckily, Ann Margret is worth it.
its a nice equation..... 36 24 26 and a well deserved figure at 50.... Younger at 50

Funny Bye Bye Whitney Houston

Bye Bye Whitney Houston
Member reactions:
Great job, nice composition within a Book, Good tribute to Whitney
This is very, very well done. Very clean comp. I really liked this one.

Funny Bye Bye Charlie

Bye Bye Charlie
PBShas joinedCBS Newsin ending its relationship withCharlie Rose. The public broadcaster announced it has cancelled distribution of his self-titled interview programCharlie Rose. “In light of yesterday’s revelations, PBS has terminated its relationship with Charlie Rose and cancelled distribution of his programs. PBS expects all the producers we work with to provide a workplace where people feel safe and are treated with dignity and respect,” PBS said. Create any images that include Charlie Rose. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

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