Daniel Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger
Daniel Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger
Daniel Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger.

Funny Russian Jet Buzzes American Destroyer

Russian Jet Buzzes American Destroyer
Russian jet and American destroyer
Member reactions:
Putting ID markers in chops not good, the ship is the USS Jason Dunham (DDG-109)not Ross,is there a law against stolen honor.
I think the Ross is 71..
U.S. Navy Denies Russian Fighters Chased Off Destroyer USS Ross in Black Sea
Stunning aircraft Well done best of luck.
Problem of painting. It should have been 71 URSS but painter was dyslexic.
and on the wood. 3 out of 4 - ain't too shabby.

Funny John Travolta as Buzz Lightyear

John Travolta as Buzz Lightyear
Member reactions:
Wonderful chop, caricature head fits perfectly. Good luck,
Very innovative of celebrating John's birthday
Thank you Ericnorthend, Rajeshstar, Newsmaster, balodiya, HoHouse, Lucianomorelli
Thanks Doc. Lots of bills this month so working hard

Funny Man Blasting Off in a Mattel Buzz Lightyear Spaceship

Man Blasting Off in a Mattel Buzz Lightyear Spaceship
Mattel has joined the space race, with a second thought passenger...
Member reactions:
Awesome View of the Ground from the space shuttle.... Great triggering off to space with full thrust of fireballs down well done and nice idea
Brilliant placement of him in spaceship and moving toward the new destiny nice flame and clean work
As clean as they come Mr. Mundo. Damn fine chop.The astronaut looks familiar, who it be. Congrads man

Funny Buzz Lightyear the Flying Carrot

Buzz Lightyear the Flying Carrot

Funny American Buzz Lightyear

American Buzz Lightyear
"Happy 4th of July America."
Member reactions:
buzz is at it again. they need to make a patriotic version for real.
Congratulations,Fantastic composition.,I'll follow you anytime.
Silver for Wiz-ard of Photoshop. Congrats, mate.

Funny Barack Obama as Buzz Lightyear

Barack Obama as Buzz Lightyear
Member reactions:
He is a cartoon but, the work is nice. Good luck.

Funny Buzz Lightyear Crossing Guard

Buzz Lightyear Crossing Guard
Buzz Lightyear's Children's Road Safety Poster.
Member reactions:
He's not flying but "crossing with style" Quality work
And now we go severely out of the box hahahahahahaah. I should have guessed hahahahahah

Funny Buzz Lightyear Flying Space Shuttle into Oval Office

Buzz Lightyear Flying Space Shuttle into Oval Office
See Large Please
Member reactions:
Superb chop, but I think it'd look better without scary blind white eyes
Thanks for the comments and votes. Well, If I changed the eyes, I'd have to change the title, Newsie I was determined to make him less flattering because he ticked me off. I have been a big space program fan since the year dot. My opinion is, if you are going to nix a program that thousands of people depend on, then the decent thing is to have a better one in line to replace it.
Awesome job Hits...love the feel of this oneCONGRATS
Congrads Spinner awesome as aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalways.
Thank you so much, DDB, HH, Sunshin & Doxi. Hey Doxi, are you back to chopping.
OH-OH...I missed the voting period but, I would have given you a '10' on this one. Congratulations-really entertaining.
Grats Hit. I think his white eyes are one of the best features of this piece actually. His motion hand is the other part i really like. Well done..
Congrats on the win, Hits. I know you would have to change the title too, but think it would still be great chop without a gross part in it
Congrats on the gold Hitspinner. Great work
, okay, okay, next time I'll give Obama happy eyes, but don't say I didn't warn you first, Vlad Hahahahahahahaa Thanks Geri, Hook, John, Madame, The other Distinguished gentleman, Salis ,Jere, RW and Newsie.
Boy, you really got this one right. Just waiting to see what he ends next.. You caught in a photo chop what most people thinks. I work with the public and every little old lady and man sees him this way. Great job on this one Hitspinner and Congrats on the #one pic. As my daughter would say " you rock". Keep them coming.
, what a nice acknowledgement, Hobbit. Big thanks for that. So many times we are so busy that we comment on these chops more briefly than we'd like to. But you took the extra few that really means something to me. I understand your comment. Fact is, no matter how well intentioned the President may be he seems to be in a world all his own. I hate to say it looks like he's not paying attention, or paying attention but in ignore the people mode, but it sure appears that way. I think he just slipped into an attitude of, "Screw everybody if they don't like what I'm doing, I'm doing it anyway." I do believe he has gone cynical. Maybe he should become a chopper and let a bit of that out hahahahahaha
congrats for the gold hitspinner. Great shop. love the hand sequence, it's good.

Funny Buzz Lightyear the Moon Man

Buzz Lightyear the Moon Man
Member reactions:
To me, it just looks like a picture of an old toy...if it is a photoshop you got me...
= Buzz Yesteryear. Must be when he said," Too the moon and beyond..." Thanks for the chuckle.
Looks a lot less creepy than the original lil dude
thanks guys. I think he is cooler than the real buzz too .

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