Don't Push the Red Button
Don't Push the Red Button
Don't Push the Red Button. Member reactions:
Clever idea. The jacket sleeve looks a bis irregular.

Funny US President's Nostradamus Button

US President's Nostradamus Button
Member reactions:
Congrads again for the twofer. Always eye candy,use to be girls
Thanks all. Hopefully Dr. Phil will talk some sense into Obama.
Love the caricatures here, but my fave part is the Nostradamus button, to be pressed on December 21, 2012. Congrats on the silver too, Mr. Funk. it....another great one from funkwood. Congrats on silver...

Funny Bi-Curious Benjamin Button

Bi-Curious Benjamin Button
Member reactions:
.... Well done.
Excellent work. Bi-Curious Case....
Wood for Slixta too. You are on a roll, matey.
Congrats again Slixter People like your photo-realism style.

Funny Harry Potter in Benjamin Button

Harry Potter in Benjamin Button
Member reactions:
shadow on his face doesn't match neck and body (too dark). Tone matching looks good though.
Thanks jest3r...I added a shadow on the neck and shoulder.
Great blending. Even better after the edit

Funny Hillary Clinton Belly Button Eyes

Hillary Clinton Belly Button Eyes
belly button source/URL -->
Member reactions:
Nice chop, looks more like the 'sphincter' butt-on () Great for FN.
I loved this. It's so disgusting perfect LoL...just needs some lint in those sockets

Funny Barack Obama with Bo Pushing Nuclear Button

Barack Obama with Bo Pushing Nuclear Button
Member reactions:
Genius concept Bo in charge of the nuke button. The rad rotary phone reminds me that of the soviet era government phones with the Russian coat of arms in the middle.
the lighting the concept.. the quality,,hmmm who can this be.
fantastic work A Z 10/10
Congrats on your win. Luv the humor. I have more trust in Bo with that button than Biden and, ya know, when I look at Obama's face in this entry, I think he realizes it, too.
Really nice, would love to see your sources, congrats.
Mate you have so much talent it is driving me on to be better. congrats on gold. superb chop as always

Funny Benjamin Button Brad Pitt

Benjamin Button Brad Pitt
Member reactions:
Excellent blend. Nice "button touch" to the image.
Fantastic merge funkwood. Love the jar of buttons. congrats on the wood.
How much wood could a funkwood funk if a funkwood could funk wood. congrats on the wood funkwood, great blending.
TY. jerry

Funny Heather Mills with a Buttoned Up Mouth

Heather Mills with a Buttoned Up Mouth
"Money can't buy me love", Bit small I'm afraid

Funny Coin Buttons

Coin Buttons
Member reactions:
A more random placement of the holes and the coins might make the image a little less static.
I like this. Can I have some of these buttons

Funny The Button

The Button

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