Monarch Butterfly Horse
Monarch Butterfly Horse
Monarch Butterfly Horse. The rare Monarch Butterfly Horse stops to taste a flower.

Funny Little Boy the Night Butterfly

Little Boy the Night Butterfly
Member reactions: are probably anyway at the top of the contest, but, please, remember that light and shadows are one of the primary element of judgment. So seated people must produce shadows.
Congratulations on the triple medal sweep Elegary.This chop is magnificent,your other chops as well.Incredible,well deserved
Congrats on the Trifecta, Elegary. Nice work.

Funny ButterFlies with Shirley Temple

ButterFlies with Shirley Temple
Member reactions:
Sweet Butterfly and Shirley can easily fly in the sky because she is angle...

Funny Dinosaur Bird Eating a Butterfly

Dinosaur Bird Eating a Butterfly
Member reactions:
Anything can be possible to catch its prey.... good chop using the croc head in Hen

Funny Rihanna the Butterfly Girl on a Swing

Rihanna the Butterfly Girl on a Swing
Member reactions:
She is so pretty.... as pure as a butterfly.... Love this chop good job and well fitted the wings and nice background chosen
Many thanks Rajeshstar, Suni very glad you like it.
Perfect. Sweet shiny and super work. Lovely blue color and smooth shadings are awesome
Gold congrats, Lady Sunshine. Just lovely.
..... Damn Pretty chop. Grads on that elusive top spot Sunshine
Congratulations sunshine on a great chop .
Many thanks Ericnorthend, Pcr, Hitspinner, Penaplonk, Funkwood.

Funny Long Butterfly Fish

Long Butterfly Fish
Member reactions:
Lovely..... the butterfly fish with real taste of butter engraved now you can genetically mix anything into it
Lovely work, nice to see this beautiful fish

Funny Dali's Blue Butterfly Boat Bonanza

Dali's Blue Butterfly Boat Bonanza
aliteration right. thank you to the nice people that make seamless ice textures and let you download them. they have far more patience then i.
Member reactions:
Lovely butterfly world... Looks like an idea taken from the fairy tale good one

Funny Winter's Butterfly

Winter's Butterfly
Member reactions:
Its pure as milkwhite... good to see the cute butterfly... great job




Member reactions:
Great job done very well merged especially the hands and the chest part looks good

Funny Butterfly

Photoshop this butterfly image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include changing its shapes, merging the butterfly with some other object or animal, including the butterfly in paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Lyina for help with the concept, and to marganz of Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Butterflies

Put butterflies where they don't belong, replace objects with butterflies, or replace butterflies with objects. (Feel free to use famous paintings).

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