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Funny Butt Pictures

 The Butt StabbingFunny The Butt Stabbing
Member reactions:

...nothing funnier than a good butt stabbing...made me laugh.
I always like this kind of 3d pics. Guantanamo prisonner should take care of his bottom .
Well to get right to the bottom of this comment without making you the butt of a joke I can only say that in the end it should score well.
Agree to SplatShot, and the Grenada will do the rest
Another out of bound beauty. Very clever.
and congrats on the silver too, you art-girl.
Congratz again Hobbit...this is my favorite

Robot Dog With a Cigarette ButtFunny Robot Dog With a Cigarette Butt
Member reactions:

Wrong specie, wrong size.
Fantastic work, Well done with Dog, looks like a Thriller ROBO Dog, Cigarette is telling the size of the whole story and spaceman with sword and some tricky work on his head Very interesting
Robotic Dog Creative thinking, Nice 3D Look
Excellent thought to put it over here, nice cigarette puff fallen over there like the laser beam emitting from the dog's eyes
I didn't expect win the golden trophy.. thanks for vote for me, and for the comments and reviews.
Congratulations Opcrom. Haven't seen your name in the Winner's circle so, enjoy the moment.
Golden Congrats opcrom ... Love this one, surreally cool. What did one dog say to the other dog ... "your butt stinks"
It's out of this world. Out of box thinking for sure. Hats off. Congrats on the gold, opcrom.

George Soros Butt Head Lite BeerFunny George Soros Butt Head Lite Beer
Member reactions:

Blind Monkey`s Butt Hermit FrogsFunny Blind Monkey`s Butt Hermit Frogs
Member reactions:


Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big?Funny Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big?
Member reactions:

Hey, nice TWIST. I like how you did the ass button too.
Great chop....congrats on gold award Carl. And yea.....that butt looks big in those pants. They make a nice stand for a can of beer tho...hehehehe
Very cute pic, love it. Congrats on the win.
funnnnnnnnnnnnny.............. congrats for gold cup, very deserved.........

Joe Kissing Obama`s ButtFunny Joe Kissing Obama`s Butt
Member reactions:

I did a similar one last year. I had to make my Obama from scratch because they hadn't done an Obama South Park at the time. I love anything SP
I had to put his head over the Jesse Jackson one and then recolor the arms and legs lighter. Hey, just looked. Yours is better.

Perez Hilton Butt HeadFunny Perez Hilton Butt Head
Member reactions:

Yup its him again
baahahaha, its funny cause its true. ps, theres a tiny bit of opacified masking missed next to the ear
I dont think Im finished yet
The true Butthead of the year. Hey, do you think he'll get in the goverment with the other buttheads.
Fits like a glove and if it fits-you must convict. Nice work.
haahha nice work renegade keeep great chopping

Butt Head DogFunny Butt Head Dog
Member reactions:

This is a real Butt Head.
If I had a dog that ugly I'd shave its butt and make it walk backward... oh wait...

Butting GoatFunny Butting Goat
Member reactions:

Beijing Olympic Podium ButtsFunny Beijing Olympic Podium Butts
Member reactions:

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