Monkey Business
Monkey Business
Monkey Business. Member reactions:
Great fit. Unfortunately (for him) it will probably go viral.
Great Job, CL. I thought this might be a contender for the top spot.

Funny Open for Business

Open for Business
Member reactions:
Fantastic job, love the A&W rocket. One of best in contest.

Funny Queen Drill Co. Royal Family Business

Queen Drill Co. Royal Family Business

Funny When Trump's Away on Business

When Trump's Away on Business


Member reactions:
Poor Rudolph hahhahahaha. Bronze congrats and Happy New Year, Andrew
Darn good chop, great job, congrats on the win.
Congrats Wanderer ,,I think Ill pass on the ribs... Congratulations.....

Funny Turkey Business

Turkey Business

Funny Monkey Business

Monkey Business
Member reactions:
Congrats Hobbit, on the Gold. Fantastic job and Banana Pendant great touch.
Blue eyed gorilla... I knew this one would be trouble Big congrats on the gold, Hobbit. Superb job....
Congrats on the gold, Hobbit. Love the banana necklace.

Funny No Monkey Business

No Monkey Business
Member reactions:
That bar looks to be a lot of fun, very cute, love monkeys.
+, I was wondering who did this one... so funny . Congrats DD
Thanks everyone. spinner, it took over a year to figure out what to put in Kong's hand, Paul even helped. I finally just decided to cut it loose, tired of looking at it, never felt finished.
Wonderful pic, Love it, i'm a HUGE Monkey Lover, I really would set down and have fun with these guys, congrats on the win.

Funny Monkey Business

Monkey Business
Member reactions:
They must have robber a banana bank. Welcome back and congrats on the wood.
Nice lighting here. Love the glow on the headlights.

Funny Willie Nelson's New Marijuana Business

Willie Nelson's New Marijuana Business
Willie Nelson's new business venture
Member reactions:
Nice Passion shown towards smoking. But Smoking is injurious to health Great job done hidden.
I came here to say something but I forgot what it was. uhh, uhh,, oh well.
Def one of your better efforts. Congrats on the wood cup though a green wood cup would be more suitable in this case
Grats on the woody Willie...errr, I mean Doc. Heheh
Congrats on the wood, Paul. Looks like he's already reaping some high profits.
Thanks, Swash and Newsy. "High" profits, is right. .

Funny Business Merger

Business Merger
How will a business merger impact Sears and KMart? What changes in products will happen, such as Kenmore, Craftsman and others, or what new advertising will have to be created?

Funny Iraq Business

Iraq Business
Show how new Iraq businesses will settle in Iraq - products, promotion campaigns, production processes, company workers, etc.

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