Forrest Gump at the Bus Stop at Night
Forrest Gump at the Bus Stop at Night
Forrest Gump at the Bus Stop at Night.

Funny Woman in a Gas Mask Waiting For a Bus

Woman in a Gas Mask Waiting For a Bus
Member reactions:
Cool...Great Chop'n hidden. The Bus is Coming...Right.
Thank you, Splatshot. I'm affraid the waiting will be in vain...
Stone cold, I am totally lost in the misery of this scene
Congratulations Jere....I had a feeling this was yours. Such Realism and Mystery. Just Can't beat it.
Congratulations, Jeremix. Autumn in Chernobyl.
Awesome work jeremix. Bet he wished he had a car, .
Nice monochromatic effect. Seems to be popular these days. There is an interesting story here. Congrats on the silver, Jere.
Very freaking clever. You da man, Jere, congrats on the silver.

Funny Barack Obama on the Ebola Bus

Barack Obama on the Ebola Bus

Funny Picture Hangers Taking The Bus

Picture Hangers Taking The Bus
Member reactions:
Bus should be bigger or painting smaller, otherwise....

Funny VIP Bus Stop

VIP Bus Stop
Member reactions:
Nice work but I think it would have been better if the people weren't so far away.

Funny Celebrity Bus Stop

Celebrity Bus Stop
Member reactions:
Funny chop,Multiple star in the freaking bus stop.....
There is a little empty space availble on the left of the first window....
ha,,,,Didn't look crowded to me. (except perhaps in the duck cage)

Funny Vladimir Putin Reading Riding The Bus

Vladimir Putin Reading Riding The Bus
SOURCE PIC FYI, in the back, next to Putin is Mikhail front is Medvedev...and looking in the back bus window, is some very suspicious character.
Member reactions:
TONS of work here - you did miracles to the bus source photo. Oh, and I do see some shady peeps here
Congrats on the bronze pcrdds Love how you put that guy on Putins lap
Thanks, its420here. This was a lot of fun to do.

Funny Vladimir Putin's Bus

Vladimir Putin's Bus
Member reactions:
how can they be seated and their heads be out of the glass.
Lol critique on seating arrangement, when there's a kid's body, sporting Mr Bean's head, doing jumping jacks under a bus. Well done wackiness, Hidden

Funny Barack Obama and Bo at the Bus Stop

Barack Obama and Bo at the Bus Stop
vacation time.
Member reactions:
Nice details. Reflections, shadows, glass background etc.
Very nicely done ... Though, everything seems to be chopped in a realistic manner except for the size of Obama's head. It's the only element that appears non-realistic and therefore, for me, seems out of place.
did make it a little smaller after all, but just a little, hehe.
It's a great choice for the face, by the way
Excellent work, congrats. I somehow completely missed this chop on an earlier drive through of this contest.
Fantastic work Jere. Congratulations on the cup. You make it look so easy. And thanks for the glimpse into the future.

Funny Forrest Gump at Another Bus Stop

Forrest Gump at Another Bus Stop
Member reactions:
Bus on the Pedestrian may be some accident will make Forest run
Sorry but in original picture bus tyres are far from front of the bus
LOl really crazy.... a sign post saying bus stop no parking and the Bus parked itself there good work and nice idea
You had me at the kittens and puppy. The Gump theme is a cherry on top. Very excellent chop

Funny Cindy Sheehan Bus Tour

Cindy Sheehan Bus Tour
Design the bus that Cindy Sheehan will be using for her Anti-War Bus tour.

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