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Funny Buses Pictures

Bus stopFunny Bus stop
Member reactions:

Bus on the Pedestrian may be some accident will make Forest run
Sorry but in original picture bus tyres are far from front of the bus
LOl really crazy.... a sign post saying bus stop no parking and the Bus parked itself there good work and nice idea
You had me at the kittens and puppy. The Gump theme is a cherry on top. Very excellent chop

Bus StopFunny Bus Stop
Member reactions:

His face and the jar is out of the box, very well done with ladies
Lovely ladies sitting so diclipned with putin

Political Bus RideFunny Political Bus Ride
Member reactions:

A lot of work on this one & I agree with Paul....very cool
Who's driving the bus. Nice work.
Put me on the fan list too.
Great to see all the super heros under one place good work in bring them altogether and separating Obama as Infected Crazy work
Appreciable chop, collection of most of the freaky political characters and that too in so logical sequence. Good luck hidden
CONGRATS..they look like they are actually on the bus.

Another One Rides The BusFunny Another One Rides The Bus
Member reactions:

Good job in putting the water droplets and the Croc covering himself and trying to get into a bus for its feast lovely sign post, perfectly matches to the pic
Lovely location and perfect conceptualized with the Crock bus bey

School BusFunny School Bus
Member reactions:

Well blended... good show of speed in the background and the Door is just elevated out of the Bus

London Bus Vault!Funny London Bus Vault!
Member reactions:

Yes this idea could be implemented in this games but should be played only on the road

Bus TourFunny Bus Tour
Member reactions:

Its freaking chop all the great personalities at one place....

Bus in Old French StreetFunny Bus in Old French Street
Member reactions:

Perfect placement of the Bus in the crowd, good choice to put this here

Arne Duncan on a BusFunny Arne Duncan on a Bus
Member reactions:

Stop That Bus. Education Secretary and certifiable dip$h.& Arne Duncan kicks off his Great Lakes tour to promote scapegoating teachers for the shortcomings of lazy students and irresponsible parents
Nice Job, But It's the Culture Man. No need to work in the modern world, it's all free.
Cue "The kicking woman strikes again." in
The return of the kicking woman. (But did she ever leave., hahaha.)
Thanks, krrish, balodiya, rajeshstar Newsy: Whoops, touche. You totally got me

Barack Obama`s Bus Tour On The RoadFunny Barack Obama`s Bus Tour On The Road
Member reactions:

Obama tours the Mid-West in a bus
......... nice colorful hippy bus. Love Joe's double button down.
Man , i would love to have a bus like that ....
Great choice of news story and excellent satire here. Have $25 ready to shake his hand.
Lots of detail & things in this photo . Freaking great chop ...
Big Congrats Paul , Well done as always my man ....
congrats, I loved the driver, and the whole composition.
Thanks, robin, Chili, PSM and everyone else.
Never disappointed by your humorous chops. Congratulations.
Silver congrats, Paul. Colorful and well done work.
I agree wih Sunshin. I Love colors . Congrats Monsieur pcr .
Thanks, Sunshin3. Thanks, Newsy. Merci, Mme BOULPIX.

Cindy Sheehan Bus TourFunny Cindy Sheehan Bus Tour - Design the bus that Cindy Sheehan will be using for her Anti-War Bus tour.

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