US Politician Bus Tour
US Politician Bus Tour
US Politician Bus Tour. Member reactions:
Its freaking chop all the great personalities at one place....

Funny Boy Catching a Ball in Front of a Bus

Boy Catching a Ball in Front of a Bus

Funny Bus in Old French Street

Bus in Old French Street
Member reactions:
Perfect placement of the Bus in the crowd, good choice to put this here

Funny Arne Duncan on a Bus

Arne Duncan on a Bus
Stop That Bus. Education Secretary and certifiable dip$h.& Arne Duncan kicks off his Great Lakes tour to promote scapegoating teachers for the shortcomings of lazy students and irresponsible parents
Member reactions:
Nice Job, But It's the Culture Man. No need to work in the modern world, it's all free.
Cue "The kicking woman strikes again." in
The return of the kicking woman. (But did she ever leave., hahaha.)
Thanks, krrish, balodiya, rajeshstar Newsy: Whoops, touche. You totally got me

Funny Barack Obama's Bus Tour On The Road

Barack Obama's Bus Tour On The Road
Obama tours the Mid-West in a bus
Member reactions:
......... nice colorful hippy bus. Love Joe's double button down.
Man , i would love to have a bus like that ....
Great choice of news story and excellent satire here. Have $25 ready to shake his hand.
Very funny entry and nice work.
Lots of detail & things in this photo . Freaking great chop ...
Big Congrats Paul , Well done as always my man ....
Thanks, robin, Chili, PSM and everyone else.
Never disappointed by your humorous chops. Congratulations.
Silver congrats, Paul. Colorful and well done work.
I agree wih Sunshin. I Love colors . Congrats Monsieur pcr .
Thanks, Sunshin3. Thanks, Newsy. Merci, Mme BOULPIX.

Funny Bus Driver Sleeping While Driving

Bus Driver Sleeping While Driving
Bus Driver
Member reactions:
sleepin when the bus is stopped, why not. try to give some mouvement to the backgroung, and it will be more dangerous
Thanks..for the suggestion..that is why it helps to suggest ideas so edits can be made..before it's too late..
Evirio... excellent suggestion.
great chop, and I love the edit with the background motion.

Funny Bus on the Moon

Bus on the Moon
Gone fishing.
Member reactions:
Thanks. I was freaking lucky to find the legs.
Thanks Sunshine. I have a wider version with a bus stop, complicated shadow, a bus driver standing by the door and a sky full of stars and galaxies but it all distracts from the bus itself so I opted not to post it.
Oh what the hell, here it is all junked up.
I think it looks even better now I love the idea with the fisher-astronaut. Great work, good luck.
The legs are freaking great here. Love the astro-fisherman too.
I'd love to see this freaking thing walk in a flash movie, probably hilarious.
Thanks pc, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.
Congrads on your first trophy, lots of top tens and excellent work, new kid on the block.
Thanks House. My sister turned me on to this site. I thought whatever. Been nonstop. One of these days Im gonna get me some new crayons.
Yay, you made it. Congrats on your 1st adv trophy, dd. But hey, fishermen are no liars... even yesterday I caught a 33 lb nothern pike... *cough* - keep up your good work
Thanks Tom. Im sure that Pike was Photoshopped, cough, cough.
Congrats Deaddog. Keep it up with great works and lots of trophies..
Thanks again Sun, I appreciate your help.
Bronze congratulations, DD. You win a free ticket to the moon.
Thanks ole Masterful one. Do I have to take Greyhound or can I take Slamtrack.

Funny Women at Bus Stop with Forrest Gump

Women at Bus Stop with Forrest Gump
Sources run Forrest run. Please full view
Member reactions:
pretty cool, I really like the overall texture.
Clean. Perfect in that there are no elements that are forced in. They all lend some addition to the story.
Thanks G, Taita, Doxie Kratos and Hit. had a blast creating this.
Congrats on the win, Chaos. Work of art here.

Funny Tool Box Bus

Tool Box Bus
Don't be a tool, get out of the house and onto the road today for only $99 a week..
Member reactions:
Hate to have to say it, but although this is a very interesting chop and well done to boot; the wheelbase is backwards. In effect, the tail end has the most overhang ... (I drive an RV). Not to worry--Plenty of time for editing.
Kinda agree. Surely both wheels would be under the upside down black V shapes.. (as in wheel arches) Great idea tho.
Thanks for all the input. I would have made the changes, but the holiday weekend made my time a little short. Gobble Gobble.
Congrats on wood revgrex. Cool image. Well done.

Funny Freaking News Advert on Bus Shelter

Freaking News Advert on Bus Shelter
Hopefully two of the top choppers here on FN won't take offense to this indirect reference to them.
Member reactions:
We need a revote and get this out of 19th. This is funny stuff even to a kevetcher mike me.

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