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Funny Bus Pictures

Mini Double Decker BusFunny Mini Double Decker Bus
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I wouldn't hit the brakes too sharp or it's head over heels.
Neat Looking...can you post your source.
source pic is here: clicky for picky
Thanks for posting the source. You did an outstanding job that looks like a real photo.
I thought this was the best entry of the contest. Extremely well done. We don't see enough realism on FN.
I thought that's what it's all about -- photorealism -- looks like a photograph is the right comment, plus is very good pic.
Realism...YES...would be nice to see more. Well said.

Melting BusFunny Melting Bus
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Searing Sunshine, Heat Bake the South sources

Skeleton Waiting for a BusFunny Skeleton Waiting for a Bus
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Now this is FUNNY.....

Easter Island Bus StopFunny Easter Island Bus Stop
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There'll be three along in a minute...
Genius concept but it's a pity the entry size is so small

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Bus SimulatorFunny Bus Simulator
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. I used to love Sierra's Larry series. Space Quest too
Dont forget the original Kings Quest and Police Quest, they rocked
It's true, but every Kings Quest was a real tough nut to crack.
This one cracked me up. Getting off the bus at the right stop is pretty tricky - especially when all the streets look the same.

Not long till the OAP BUS PASS nowFunny Not long till the OAP BUS PASS now
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Lol they may be bringing it dow to 55 in someareas here, I bet she cant wait
Genius idea and mint execution - she looks so happy and natural.

Canadian Bus RideFunny Canadian Bus Ride
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Canadian decapitates young man on bus Mr. Caton said: "When we saw the head, we knew he was dead." Yes, that is really a quote from the news article. You need to read it to fully appreciate this piece. And FYI, the Canadian Bacon Research Center is a very desolate place, there is no where to hide at the Canadian Bacon Research Center. For reals.
OMG, he killed Kenny. You Basstard. Kenny's deaths - Wikipedia
Well, it's a dirty job (approaching this story), but somebody had to to it. Do the authorities suspect foul play. Is the alleged assailant (innocent until proven guilty) safely sequestered. Thank You for the link AZRainman, appreciate it.
The killers name is Vince Weiguang Li. He was charged with second-degree murder because they don't think it was premeditated. He basically just went bonkers. He will probably plead insanity and do 10 years in a loony bin. Crazy world we live in. You do more time for killing your wifes lover than just hacking up some random guy. I didn't want to update the link because the image details revolve around that particular article. Yeah Steve this is a news story that could probably only have been done using cartoon elements without grossing people out. And I love me some SP.
Glad I didn't know this when I started this piece.
For some reason I think you're a SP fan. Me to. Funny chop JL
I never would have guessed it was you jerry. . Great chop, still laughing.
Love the line where witness stated "when we saw the head we knew he was dead" now that is definitely a statement of the bleedin' obvious" as the Pythons would say.

Nautical BusFunny Nautical Bus
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Member reactions:

These People Must Have Gotten on this Bus
My skeletons are no longer in the closet. They are in the bus

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