Women at Bus Stop with Forrest Gump
Women at Bus Stop with Forrest Gump
Women at Bus Stop with Forrest Gump. Sources run Forrest run. Please full view
Member reactions:
pretty cool, I really like the overall texture.
Clean. Perfect in that there are no elements that are forced in. They all lend some addition to the story.
Thanks G, Taita, Doxie Kratos and Hit. had a blast creating this.
Congrats on the win, Chaos. Work of art here.

Funny Tool Box Bus

Tool Box Bus
Don't be a tool, get out of the house and onto the road today for only $99 a week..
Member reactions:
Hate to have to say it, but although this is a very interesting chop and well done to boot; the wheelbase is backwards. In effect, the tail end has the most overhang ... (I drive an RV). Not to worry--Plenty of time for editing.
Kinda agree. Surely both wheels would be under the upside down black V shapes.. (as in wheel arches) Great idea tho.
Thanks for all the input. I would have made the changes, but the holiday weekend made my time a little short. Gobble Gobble.
Congrats on wood revgrex. Cool image. Well done.

Funny Freaking News Advert on Bus Shelter

Freaking News Advert on Bus Shelter
Hopefully two of the top choppers here on FN won't take offense to this indirect reference to them.
Member reactions:
We need a revote and get this out of 19th. This is funny stuff even to a kevetcher mike me.

Funny Student Dropping from School Bus Plane

Student  Dropping from School Bus Plane
Jet Bus company moves into the school market.
Member reactions:
To pick the kids up a snsg line and just boot em out to drop them off.
Well, both were handled at the same time and placed in the same perpendicular plane, but I see where you are coming from. Thanks for the comment.
Congrats Doxie Needs some dachsunds on the pant legs...hehe.
Another brilliant idea and totally cracks me up. Sweet on Doxi and I see you got a woody.... That mantle is starting to load up.
doxi that was truly Fantastic work my friend , congrats on the woody and keep up great works

Funny Bear on the Bus with Mr Bean

Bear on the Bus with Mr Bean
bear attacks are very rare

Funny Sleeping Bus Driver

Sleeping Bus Driver

Funny Flying Pig and Miss Piggy on School Bus

Flying Pig and Miss Piggy on School Bus
Member reactions:
Excellent work with shadows make this one looks rather real. Good job HoHouse.

Funny Swine Flu Pig School Bus

Swine Flu Pig School Bus
Member reactions:
Hilarious. I especially like what you've done on the school bus.
Let me guess ... woman driver. Great work
..... This was yours. It was so cute...... Congrats on silver.
thanks guys, 3 trophies on my birthday woo hoo
Yeah... I had to add a comment on that on your birthday thread....
A Tripple dipper.............. That is better than first. I have never had one of those. I'm envious... Nicely done silver and Bronze and woody... dang dude.. Now I feel bad, you could have swept the top like Rain has done. What a rare honor
congrats on tripple Hits mate. great pics
Love this one. Congrats Jerry... Love the bus... very fun and well done chop.
Congrats on the triple win Jerry. 2 triples in a row.. you're on a roll.
don't feel bad Hit, your chop was the tops, thanks again everyone

Funny Mini Double Decker Bus

Mini Double Decker Bus
Member reactions:
I wouldn't hit the brakes too sharp or it's head over heels.
source pic is here: clicky for picky
Thanks for posting the source. You did an outstanding job that looks like a real photo.
I thought this was the best entry of the contest. Extremely well done. We don't see enough realism on FN.
I thought that's what it's all about -- photorealism -- looks like a photograph is the right comment, plus is very good pic.
Realism...YES...would be nice to see more. Well said.

Funny Melting Bus

Melting Bus
Searing Sunshine, Heat Bake the South sources

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