Burqa Babe
Burqa Babe
Burqa Babe. HOT...
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NOT.PS work makes her look nice though...
Thanks. The lighting was messed up, though, so I fixed it. Glad you commented, or I might have missed it.
PS - that city background was a daytime pic, but I liked the cityscape, so I turned it to night. The sky was a separate pic, but it was the closest thing I could find to the sky in the movie poster, so I added it in. The main subject was actually, by far, the easiest part.
A color match of the brown (Burqa)gown & the black cat cape would of made this more realistic . Just a idea Hidden , otherwise its has very high scores from me
I ALMOST did that, but then I thought it better to separate the two so that the mask was more obvious. Probably should have gone with my first instinct. Thanks for the feedback.
Excellent chop the cat women moving towards Persia is really funny of-course the search for the milk drag her to Persia
I was just looking for something " ... y" to re-do with a girl in a burqa. Then, I thought of Catwoman, and of course, Persian Cats, put the two together, and viola - something...maybe...sort of...not really, though.
This is excellent Malcolmxy both idea and execution.
Thanks. I thought this one and my mexico dude were a lot better than the ones that were voted ahead of them, but oh well...I still know it. Who cares how it was voted upon.

Funny Burqa With a Venetian Blind

Burqa With a Venetian Blind
Qubecs Burqa Ban the burqa is what muslim women wear , and in canadas Qubec province they propsed a bill to force women to remove the burqa due to security reasons...my idea is that they use this system so that they can identify themselves to security and then instantly go back to being anonymous =)
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You better copyright this shade design. Do I get two with my order. Great concept and functionally-fashionable.

Funny Burqa Jane Speaks

Burqa Jane Speaks
She just doesn't seem to learn.

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