Bernie's Thanksgiving Burn
Bernie's Thanksgiving Burn
Bernie's Thanksgiving Burn.

Funny Hunk a Hunk of Burning Love.

Hunk a Hunk of Burning Love.
My Grand cat Simba.
Member reactions:
If Thomas Kinkade and John Constable had a baby and discovered Photoshop this would be it 😎👍🏼. Beautiful entry hobbit congrats
Hehehehehe there she is. Great job on Elvi-hisssss. congrats on the cup

Funny Burning Man

Burning Man
Member reactions:
Awesome job, great color. Congrats on the winner, Mano.
Good work, Congrats on the win, he is Hot and Holey.
Congrats on the Win, Mano. Brilliant Colors Contrast.

Funny Burning Man Tribal Police Ooops

Burning Man Tribal Police  Ooops
Member reactions:
A stunning visual of a Burning Man / Inquisition blending. Well Done.
Great work on this, congrats on the gold Hits.
Congrats. Nice Work Hits. Ole Chris is not such a popular guy in some circles. (:
Hey Hits, darn good one and creepy, Congrats on the win.
Thank you Hobbit, SS, Reg, Manosart, Bob, Gummy* and Craftlord. Gummy quality has suffered due to illness plus this and that. Not to mention you guys are raising the bar a whole lot. Hahahahahaha I'll get back to high bar quality pretty soon once this inner ear BS lets me. Should be good to go shortly For the time I'm just quickly doing chops to be counted in the mix. This one though leaving much room for technical improvement has such a screwed up message it seems to have garnered extra points . Hey, I guess we all have a rather perverse sense of humor. I guess that is what partially makes us artists. Splatshot see above Ha.

Funny Burn Baby Burn

Burn Baby Burn

Funny Burning Knee Pain

Burning Knee Pain
More than 200 NFL players defiantly took a knee during the national anthem in protest of President Trump, who urged NFL team owners to “Fire" any player who kneels during the anthem.
Member reactions:
Great job, but what's the NFL, National Freak League. I fired them,and their BS.
Good one, they need their Butts FIRED {ON FIRE}.

Funny Wrigley Burn

Wrigley Burn
Member reactions:
Silver Congrats, PSh. Enough fire for all contest.
Thanks Raj, Bob and Wanderer, Oh yes a pyro nightmare.
Congrats on the win, good choice, good pic.
Thanks hobbit and FreakMaster

Funny let it burn

let it burn

Funny Honk Of Burning Love

Honk Of Burning Love
This is Trump.

Funny Flag Burning Ceremony

Flag Burning Ceremony

Funny Burning Man Festival

Burning Man Festival
What celebrities and politicians attended this year's Burning Man festival? Photoshop images of politicians or celebrities in their Burning Man garb having fun.

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