Girl in a Burka Taking a Selfie
Girl in a Burka Taking a Selfie
Girl in a Burka Taking a Selfie. I'll give her a week.
Member reactions:
Really cool. Would have scored a lot higher (by me anyway) if the hand actually looked like it was holding the camera.

Funny Statue of Liberty Wearin a Burka

Statue of Liberty Wearin a Burka
"Now that's taking a Liberty with New York's finest Lady." .
Member reactions: this before the End-of-Days or the aftermath. yikes. Controversial chop-good work.
OC Transpo.....that was the bus company in Ottawa where an employee went on a shooting spree....scary stuff
Genius concept..well deserved silver Wiz...good stuff mate..
Very cool Mr. Wiz . . . Silver Congratulations . . .

Funny Obama in a Burka with Bars

Obama in a Burka with Bars

Funny Burka Lovers by Magritte

Burka Lovers by Magritte
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Although wearing a burka, or a social mask, or repressing your inner most ( ... ual) feelings are phenomena that touch every culture, still, I really like this take.
i think im feeling suppressed, i see an gathering of sweaty men about to happen,,

Funny Burka

Bush nominates Harriet Whatshername, a person with zero judicial experience (and no paper trail), to the Supreme Court . . . but she is his lawyer, and an evangelical Christian, and once said she thought George Bush was the most brilliant man she'd ever met. (Boy, does that say a ton about her "judgement".) A link. Just check out any news source anywhere.

Funny Burkas Gone Wild

Burkas Gone Wild
Full view please.

Funny Burka Fashion

Burka Fashion
The latest fasions from Victoria's secret to Bagdad. Surprise your Husband with this naughty number. -View full-
Member reactions:
Sweet. Love the expressions and idea. My only criticism is the difference in lighting source strength/direction on the kid. Very well-done, though. High marks.
ooops... just noticed I misspelled Baghdad. My Bad

Funny Mona Lisa Wearing a Burka

Mona Lisa Wearing a Burka

Funny Spain Says No To The Burka

Spain Says No To The Burka
Spain's Catalonia region to push ahead with burka ban following EU ruling that French restrictions are legal

Funny Dog in a Burka

Dog in a Burka
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There's no need to fear...Under (cover)Dog is here.

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