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Funny Buried Pictures

Gatsby buries the IRSFunny Gatsby buries the IRS
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The author of the great novel," The Great Gatsby," and the IRS buried together. Will real villains in IRS scandal ever be punished.

Man Buried in Sand with ScorpionsFunny Man Buried in Sand with Scorpions
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Toxic Mubarak Finally BuriedFunny Toxic Mubarak Finally Buried
Member reactions:
do i really need a link to this .. News Link
I know everyone knows what the news is, but having a link as per the contest directions is mandatory
, the scorpion will bite his a$$ any time now.

Girl Buries Barack Obama in Sand at BeachFunny Girl Buries Barack Obama in Sand at Beach
Member reactions:

Clever concept and great choice of the sources - sun light angles match nicely.
Just a little more sand and *POOF.*...he's gone. Congrats.

Staue of Liberyy Buried in DesertFunny Staue of Liberyy Buried in Desert
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Girl Buries Man in the Sand at the BeachFunny Girl Buries Man in the Sand at the Beach
Member reactions:

Haha, great. Maybe you can fix the shadow. The shape is ok (maybe somewhat more to the right...), but it's too bright in my opinion. Simply clone the original shadow from the themepost - should be easily to do
Thanks tom. yeah I am already working on it. Pulled the shadow sats etc down a bit now
Okay... thx for editing it. Looks much more realitic now. Wanna even more realism.... Put a shodow onto the man's neck causing from the bird.
Thanks guys, I did try with shadow fallin g over shoulders but looked quite strange so left it as falling slightly in front. thanks again for the advice mate

Buried in SandFunny Buried in Sand
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Yous! We Buried Jimmyz' ...Funny Yous! We Buried Jimmyz' ...
Member reactions:

...Somewhere'z 'Roun Here's

Buried aliveFunny Buried alive
Member reactions:

Good job. They are in deep trouble now

Hunting for Buried Treasure in Kitty LitterFunny Hunting for Buried Treasure in Kitty Litter
Member reactions:

This was my favorite in the contest. Love the concept.

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