Are You Three Real Bunnies?
Are You Three Real Bunnies?
Are You Three Real Bunnies?. No, their Cats, Happy Easter To All Freaking News Family.
Member reactions:
Super cute factor, Hobbit. Great job, congrats on the Bronze.
Thanks to each of you, this was my Easter Card to my Daughters, it's their Cats in the pic.

Funny It's Not About The Bunny

It's Not About The Bunny
Member reactions:
Subtle with a powerful message. Great one Gummy.

Funny Bunny Busted

Bunny Busted

Funny Bunny's New Home

Bunny's New Home

Funny Easter Bunny's on the Run

Easter Bunny's on the Run

Funny Trump shot the Easter Bunny

Trump shot the Easter Bunny

Funny Bunny's Revenge

Bunny's Revenge
This time, not even carrots will stop him...
Member reactions:
Awesome job of an Evil Easter Bunny. Congrats on the Silver, Matt.
Very good, one of my favorites. Congrats on your silver
Good silver cup. Nice chop, sort of prickly

Funny Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny
Member reactions:
Submit this to a greeting card company. It is excellent

Funny a new Bat Bunny... baby...

a new Bat Bunny... baby...
Member reactions:
Great idea, nicely done, Bellita. Congrats on the cup.
thanks to all.. this is my first cup.. Im so happy.. ;p
Congrats on your first cup Bellita Super morph.
Great Work, Bellita. Congrats on your first trophy...
Clean as a whistle... Grats on the woody.... Great job

Funny Bugs Bunny Flying Ace

Bugs Bunny Flying Ace

Funny Bunny

Photoshop this bunny image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: merging this bunny with other animals, showing creative ways to use this bunny image in advertisements, art, putting the bunny into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Layoutcom and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Energizer Bunny

Energizer Bunny
Energizer Bunny has been a marketing icon of Energizer batteries since 1990s. It originally appeared as a parody for TV advertisements with Duracell Bunny who always outlasts any other toys powered by other batteries. In the parody Energizer bunny appears then swinging a huge mallet over Duracell Bunny's head. Eventually cool features of Energizer Bunny - sunglasses, blue sandals and a huge bass drum - made him more popular than Duracell Bunny, and established Energizer as the world's top battery brand. Photoshop Energizer Bunny any way you wish. Some examples are: motivational and advertising posters with Energizer Bunny; putting him into movies and paintings, showing him fighting Duracell Bunny; redesigning Energizer Bunny; making other toys animals, or people look like Energizer Bunny, etc.

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