The Wild Bunch Colorized
The Wild Bunch Colorized
The Wild Bunch Colorized. The Wild Bunch Gang
Member reactions:
Beautiful treatment and creative push of the brief.
Nice find,had to find that pic,now I'll raise you 5 demo's, this was my favorite lots of work, oh an Congrads on last contest, both favorites Click here
Many Thanks Duane for the congrads, favs, and the good word. Lol the Dem version of Wild Bunch, love it. I used this pic in the "Vintage Photos” contest back in July. Was my fav of the two I entered and 1st one I thought of for colorizing. My first attempt at coloring a B&W, learned a lot and was a lot o of fun.

Funny Wild Bunch

Wild Bunch
Wild Bunch from left to right: John McCain, Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan Source Pics
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This shoulda been a winner. Would have been if more people voted.
Thank you for the recognition Luna C, it means a lot to me. And yeah five voters isn't enough by a long shot. But people (including myself) tend to vote towards the end, to let the tweaking settle down. And ending contest in the early morning hours, I think hurts the voting block.
This one looks great. I honestly thought the voting would have been extended 12 hours to try and get more votes.
Thanks Steve your right, extending to 12 hours would have been a great solution. Should have at least 10 voters minimum.

Funny Lady with a Bunch of Flowers Digital Art

Lady with a Bunch of Flowers Digital Art
This was just a pretty picture to paint with the flowers.
Member reactions:
Nice Vivid Colors. Sybil has a very pleasing expression to her face.
Lovely collection of flowers in the buckeye that gives charm to her face obviously beautiful work
You cheeky sneaky this time. hahahahaa. I had a rough time trying to figure out what part of the photo you didn't paint Turns out you painted the whole thing.... Nicely done

Funny The Wild Bunch of Congree Wanted Poster

The Wild Bunch of Congree Wanted Poster
Source Pic
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious, but why not "alive or dead" .
Thanks NewsMaster. Thanks Evirio, Geriatric, Eric, and Lucian.
Terrific and I mean terrific idea, and execution. Congrats on the silver. LunaC is a tough one to go head to head against.
Congrats UncleC... Killer chop, great execution.
Nice job Unc. Especially like Pelosi's "Dear in the headlights" expression.
Thank you Hitspinner. Thanks Jim S, and LunaC. Paul and Splat, Thanks.
Congrats on silver, my fav in the contest.

Funny Ugly Man With a Bunch of Roses

Ugly Man With a Bunch of Roses
Member reactions:
How matter the beautiful the roses are.... if you keep your face expressions like this... no body will accept your proposal Funny expressions
So funny. I wouldn't like to be on the other side in this occasion.
Thanks Newsy, Rajehstar, lucianomorelli, Rickytrek1.
I bet he belongs to some of the National park I have in my city
imagine this noodle showing up at your door... Hahahah great one

Funny Al Gore as the Hulk with a Bunch of Flowers

Al Gore as the Hulk with a Bunch of Flowers
Al takes desperate measures to prove he is green.
Member reactions:
Nice Blending Hidden. Looks like Al must hate the smell of Tulips. That's Most likely what caused him to morph into such a state. ~**~
Green Green everywhere , its a symbol of prosperity good choice in this chop like the colorful flowers
Thanks everyone. Yeah it looks like Gore is about to sneeze from the flowers.

Funny Star Trek - The Brady Bunch

Star Trek - The Brady Bunch

Funny Bunch of Big Balloons

Bunch of Big Balloons
Quite a straight-forward use of the balloons, really.
Member reactions:
Simple is perfectly fine. Very good job and I want to say great but there are a few masking halos. But you know, I don't care because this shows very nice creativity here that is unpretentious.

Funny John McCain with a Bunch of Flowers

John McCain with a Bunch of Flowers
McCain conceded the presidential race to Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Clean work. Back to fixing cracks and leaks for McCain.

Funny The Matryoshka Brady Bunch

The Matryoshka Brady Bunch

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