Bumblebee Kangaroo
Bumblebee Kangaroo
Bumblebee Kangaroo. Member reactions:
Constructed from a Transformer and a Vintage Yellow Volkswagen. (: I wonder what his Zero to Sixty time is. Pretty Cool.
Congrats on the chop, that is One Heck of a Good Kangaroo.

Funny Flight Of The Mechanical Bumblebee

Flight Of The Mechanical Bumblebee
Member reactions:
would be better if the edges of his armor looked like cut bamboo ,looks like he went to skins.com
thank you all, I really appreciate your comments. It took me a long time to do it. Believe me tgiles1981, I did all the job on photoshop. Thank you anyway, your comments are still welcome.
Excellent work.... Nice poster design... and you rock in this chop Hidden really amazing work displayed and the poster is simply awesome
I like this texture to the transformer..wings to hut hmm nice idea..
thank you, ericnorthend, thank you rajeshestar for your support, you make me want to, always, do better. I'm very pleased to share this passion with you.
Every single entry received a vote of "1" except for this one. Strange indeed.

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