..shall we dance.bum bum bum!
..shall we dance.bum bum bum!
..shall we dance.bum bum bum!.

Funny Soros, Gates and Bloomberg Bums.

Soros, Gates and Bloomberg Bums.
Member reactions:
Looks like Ol' Bill is still pickin' up the tab. Excellent Chop.
Has a Norman Rockwell feel congrats 😎

Funny Tom Cruise in Katie Holmes' Bum Bag

Tom Cruise in Katie Holmes' Bum Bag
Fanny Source

Funny Magazine for Bums

Magazine for Bums
Not Esquire. The magazine for bums
Member reactions:
Now with special food and laundry coupons inside.
We have one called Big Issue in England, sold by the homeless.

Funny Rumsfeld Bum

Rumsfeld Bum
Member reactions:
eww he sticks out in the frount too much that is sick.

Funny Bum Donald Trump

Bum Donald Trump
Member reactions:
Very cool entry. (he's missing a pinky on his left hand. Perhaps behind the bottle.)
Bitten off by a hungry rat....tragic accident
All that's missing is a shopping cart full of tins. Nice work
He probably got hungry and ate it - Good job

Funny Bum Beer

Bum Beer
This bum is real and was photographed by my husband during the 1970's in Boston.
Member reactions:
We have deleted your previous version as requested, but please use the "edit" link under the entry next time, and re-upload over the current version

Funny Bum Woody Harrelson

Bum Woody Harrelson
Member reactions:
What if the brick building with the white blinds was the back of "Cheers" . . .

Funny Beach Bum Hugh Grant

Beach Bum Hugh Grant

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Big Bums Bail Out

Arnold Schwarzenegger Big Bums Bail Out
The Gov. of state of California has to come up with 15 billion dollars State Debt. He is now seeking advise from the bums where to get the money. The bums don't know that Arnie plans to tax their new unemployment benefits.
Member reactions:
Next sign Arnie will hold: "I bet you can't hit me with a quarter billion"

Funny Bums Bailed Out

Bums Bailed Out
Last week President Obama signed the emergency unemployment benefits bill, which restores and extends the benefits to unemployed Americans. The bill was signed following a bitter standoff by Republicans who argued that the bill would give incentive for further unemployment, since it provides too luxurious payments and benefits to the unemployed people, who will now be less motivated to look for jobs. Obama, however argued that, "we need to provide these emergency payments to unemployed Americans and help them get back on their feet during these tough economic times". Republicans also said that this bill is "bribing" the unemployed people to vote for Democrats in November mid-elections. Show how bums (homeless people) could use the unemployment payments to change their life and appearance. The pilot title for this contest was BBB (Bling Bling Bums).

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