pit bull Elvis
pit bull Elvis
pit bull Elvis. Member reactions:
Super and you can't he sings like a dog .
Silver grats for the 1st car I ever owned.
love the blending and color palet here. congrats, tusaf.

Funny Bulls++it men

Bulls++it men
Member reactions:
Hilarious. Please put asterisks in the title of the entry as well as in the poster title (BULLSH*T)
Great one but, it would have been better if you changed the actors names.

Funny Fairy of pit bulls

Fairy of pit bulls
Member reactions:
Super chop, perfect placement of the fairy little gal on to his nose and colorful eye is so nice

Funny Run of the Bulls

Run of the Bulls

Funny Man Gored By Bull In Pamplona

Man Gored By Bull In Pamplona
Man gets gored on the first day at the "Running Of The Bulls" in Pamplona
Member reactions:
Excellent short of the Bull in the Obama's ear....
Excellent short of the Bull in the Obama's ear....
HaHaHa, lots of laughs bizarre. love the Help text. Bull-2 Obama-0
I like how you branded the bull with the Republican mascot.
What. No Trophy. I'm shocked-Omama looks sooo real.
Thanks, Newsy, Dr. Silvercuspid and G-Man.
I like obama's reaction after conservative bull gives him a double tap.

Funny Bull Triple Victory

Bull Triple Victory
Full View Plz Spanish bulls injure 3 matadors in historic knockout victory Sources

Funny That's Bull Pinky Reid

That's Bull Pinky Reid
Member reactions:
So misfortuned . He met the only mountain bull in USA.

Funny Stone Drops & Bull Rings Bell

Stone Drops & Bull Rings Bell
It was a brave man who tied the rope. RIP.
Member reactions:
Please replace poor animal by one of the politician from Crimea.
Lovely, remember to change the bull after every earthquake, otherwise doesn't work.
very good .... the bull will ring the bell when there is some activity
Thanks, everyone. Now, can someone come up with a pithy joke using Balance - Bull - Balls and Bell. ...

Funny Red Bull Penguin in the Arctic

Red Bull Penguin in the Arctic
Member reactions:
Great chop. So that is how they get so much height jumping out of the water

Funny Scarlett Johansson at the Running of The Bulls

Scarlett Johansson at the Running of The Bulls
Member reactions:
What impresses me is that you've successfully inserted her into a photo taken from a completely different perspective. Well done.
Like the zoom in concept to show her expressions and the bull attack good work on this background

Funny Year of the Bull

Year of the Bull
According to the Chinese Horoscope, the year 2009 is the Year of the Bull (Ox). It is expected to bring stability and will be slow but steady year. It is also a year of harvest, when hard previous work pays off. Hopefully this means that bulls will come to the stock markets too - we waited for them too long! Happy New Year to all FNers and your families! To celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Bull, and to welcome bulls to stock markets, photoshop bulls (or buffalo) any way you wish.

Funny Wall Street Bull

Wall Street Bull
Wall Street Bull sculpture, also called the Charging Bull, or the Bowling Green Bull, is one of the symbols of The Financial District in Manhattan. The famous 7,000 pound bronze statue was created by Arturo Di Modica and installed near Wall Street to "bring bulls back to Wall Street" after the 1987 stock market crash. The bull sculpture is said to bring luck to traders and stockbrokers if they rub it on the testicles. The polished shiny testicles of the statue is the evidence of how many traders and tourists follow this tradition. With the current stock market sell-off panic, we need to invite bulls back to Wall Street. Lets see if Freaking News can help make it happen. To invite bulls back to Wall Street photoshop the famous Wall Street Bull statue any way you wish. You can use the suggested Wall Street Bull source image*, or any other source image of the Wall Street Bull. * Thanks to Claire Savill for providing this photo.

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