Vlad The Mad Catches Bullet
Vlad The Mad Catches Bullet
Vlad The Mad Catches Bullet. Member reactions:
Hey, I can catch a speeding bullet too ya know,,, once.
Thanks NM, Gummy, Bob Luciano, Nanny, Eric, Steve and LC. Let me guess Gummy, was it a 7.62 .

Funny Tall and Small Bullets

Tall and Small Bullets
Member reactions:
Manute and Muggsy both played for the Washington “Bullets”, hence the bullet theme. And the derringer is small, but packs a big punch...of bullets. tks for comments, Pacovilla
It's freaking awesome, especially in the light of the trivia you've posted.
Thanks Balodiya. Thanks Ericnorthend,appreciated
Bullet is the 2nd Best invention for the mankind... good innovative composition Like it
Colourful and impressive chop.I like when there is a sort of story behind.
Thank you, Rajeshstar Thanks much, Lucianomorelli
Thank you friends, Elegary, Paul, and Wanderer..

Funny Barack Obama Hiding From a Self Guided Bullet

Barack Obama Hiding From a Self Guided Bullet
Sniper heaven: Pentagon’s self-guided bullets leave enemies nowhere to hide
Member reactions:
Cool Looks like a flying snake too

Funny Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet
Member reactions:
Nice chopping. The Werewolf integrates into the scene very well. I would love to see a larger size. *~~*
Fantastic mix of images and the Final one is Fantabolus great chop... nice mood created and the Ware Wolf is amazing and Scary into the Scene
Thank you so much, guys. You're great. Thanks rajeshstar for your generous words.
Awesome scene, perfect thrilling movie scene
Well done. has this spooky theme too - would be perfect for Halloween.

Funny Bullet Train in Snow

Bullet Train in Snow
Member reactions:
I really like this; the train fits in perfectly.
azwood very natural... congrats on the win.
Thanx all...the Devil is wearing a coat this evening...
Very clean blend - looks authentic. Congrats on the deserved win, az, and great to see you again.

Funny A Bullet For You

A Bullet For You
Model is me
Member reactions:
Excellent. Love the color palette you chose
thought this would of had a medal...shame its so freakin awesome...

Funny George Bush with Face Made of Bullets

George Bush with Face Made of Bullets
Member reactions:
, you and I both played with textures over the face this time. Great minds think alike hahahahaha. Nicely done, John
No more hiding of bullets in the bush, and no more bushing the bullets.

Funny Bullet Holes in Kettle

Bullet Holes in Kettle
Member reactions:
. Kell.

Funny Egg Broken by Bullet

Egg Broken by Bullet
Member reactions:
Sorry but the Bullet is on the wrong side.
Wrong side/right side either way pretty good work with the explosion.
I like this, but the saucer shows a rectangle layer remains (in gray color) - might wanna get rid of it

Funny Bullet Suppositories

Bullet Suppositories
IUO = Internal Use Only
Member reactions:
Excellent concept and execution. Congratulations on the silver (bullet).
congratulations. i bet they work great ,, tooooo.

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