Mafia Crab with a Gun and Bullets
Mafia Crab with a Gun and Bullets
Mafia Crab with a Gun and Bullets. Ya talk'n to me punk.
Member reactions:
Shoot first, as questions later. Love it, congratulations, Reg.
You're gonna sleep with the fishes I tell ya, the fishes see. Congrats on Al Crabpone.

Funny Airbus 380 Bullet Train

Airbus 380 Bullet Train
I thought it looked kinda like a bullet train. I call it the Railbus please view full source
Member reactions:
The concept is fantastic. The front part looks way too stretched though.
It was the only way to hide the source train without it taking forever.

Funny Lipstick Bullets

Lipstick Bullets
Member reactions:
Nice. I think I would have liked this even better had they all been full sticks like the one on the right. And your masking around the holders could be more accurate. I definately like the different colors. Cool pic.
Lipsticks are somewhat blurry but the composition is impressive.

Funny Lipstick Bullet

Lipstick Bullet
High speed shot of lipstick bullet leaving the barrel of a gun.
Member reactions:
nice but the lipstick it's large than the gun's hole.
the lipstick expands when it hits the air....heck I don't know, .

Funny Bullet Butterfly

Bullet Butterfly
With a great big bang another bulletfly emerges from its casing...
Member reactions:
looks great, butterfly should have a shawdow tho
Excellent execution of the butterflies & bullets.
Absolutely beautiful presentation, almost political. Excellent image.
Chrysalis of steel. Shadows look good to me.

Funny Crayon Bullets

Crayon Bullets
Member reactions:
Very funny and very well done. Great job.

Funny Bullets Ahead

Bullets Ahead

Funny Man Shooting Bullets From a Trumpet

Man Shooting Bullets From a Trumpet
Member reactions:
This is an extraordinary stunt displayed well done in the chop by making the bullet piercing the apple good chopping

Funny Man Dodging Bullets in the Matrix

Man Dodging Bullets in the Matrix
Sorry again for the late update..

Funny Biting the Bullet

Biting the Bullet
Member reactions:
not sure bout the blending here got a small floating little square on the bullet and i see some rough cut edges. but the idea is nice though

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