Lipstick Bullet
Lipstick Bullet
Lipstick Bullet. High speed shot of lipstick bullet leaving the barrel of a gun.
Member reactions:
nice but the lipstick it's large than the gun's hole.
the lipstick expands when it hits the air....heck I don't know, .

Funny Bullet Butterfly

Bullet Butterfly
With a great big bang another bulletfly emerges from its casing...
Member reactions:
looks great, butterfly should have a shawdow tho
Excellent execution of the butterflies & bullets.
Absolutely beautiful presentation, almost political. Excellent image.
Chrysalis of steel. Shadows look good to me.

Funny Crayon Bullets

Crayon Bullets
Member reactions:
Very funny and very well done. Great job.

Funny Bullets Ahead

Bullets Ahead

Funny Man Dodging Bullets in the Matrix

Man Dodging Bullets in the Matrix
Sorry again for the late update..

Funny Biting the Bullet

Biting the Bullet
Member reactions:
not sure bout the blending here got a small floating little square on the bullet and i see some rough cut edges. but the idea is nice though

Funny Bullet Train

Bullet Train
Obama Pledges $8B for U.S. Bullet Train

Funny Little Boy Hiding From Fantast Bullet

Little Boy Hiding From Fantast Bullet
Just tried to think what a kid today might find frightening enough to hide from and came up with this first.

Funny Man Smoking Bullet Cigarette

Man Smoking Bullet Cigarette
Smoke one before bed AND you won't have that awful morning breath.

Funny Bullets Shot into Glass

Bullets Shot into Glass

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