Build a bigger Fence
Build a bigger Fence
Build a bigger Fence. Member reactions:
Kewl Choppage, and great political satire.
so where is trump going Swedish side Scottish side or German side i mean being he did say on a press conference that it was wrong to come and have babies here and stay so i gather that.. that being said he should go where.. or is that only for latino's and if so then that is racism.. and this image counts as one to being it's type casting which is wrong..mexico is not the only spanish speaking country.

Funny Lexus Builds A Functional Hoverboard

Lexus Builds A Functional Hoverboard
Hoverboard Looks like Michael J. Fox (pictured) might finally get to try out a REAL the one he "rode" in, "Back To The Future."
Member reactions:
And congrats on the wood too. Smooth rider here

Funny Woman Jumps from a Building

Woman Jumps from a Building
Member reactions:
Nicely done with source, her facial expression is perfect for the situation, I hope she knows how to use those special flying power
Congrats, Hits. Just feak'n awesome work with the hair, cape, boots, and other clothing.
Seriously brilliant work. Love how you costumed her and turned the hair and clothes into motion. Nice FN tag too
Eric...FN Superheros learn the hard way...but I suspect she pulls out of it just before she splats the pavement.
Congrats, Hitspinner. Poor girl without parachute.
Great job with Colors, Expression, gives the feeling of falling. Congrats.

Funny Malcolm Barrett Falling From a Building

Malcolm Barrett Falling From a Building

Funny Surveillance in CIA Building

Surveillance in CIA Building
Member reactions:
Cool secret bunker very middle of the CIA

Funny Charlie Chaplin Impersonator on a Building Ledge

Charlie Chaplin Impersonator on a Building Ledge

Funny Building A Giant Red Robot

Building A Giant Red Robot
Member reactions:
Fantastical. ... Excellent imagination and execution.
Yes yes, love this masterpiece.. Got a Homer Simpson look
Very nice. Love how you put the people working on it.
. This looks amazing in this condition also..
Thanks, toledo, Bob, Mr. Black and Andrew.
... I had no idea this was yours Doc, definitely one of your best.

Funny Little King Kong on the Empire State Building

Little King Kong on the Empire State Building
Member reactions:
Modern age godzilla all drone attacking her
BEST, freaking brilliant work with his hair style and drones laser attack to the Ape is very classic work. Some stylish Goggle and ear ring is fantastic placement, overall the makeover is SUPERB
Pretty damn awesome. I would make the laser beams brighter though
How punkmonk. Great job Doc. Silver cup congrats
Congrats on the silver Paul. Nice edit too

Funny Building A Bridge in a Mouth

Building A Bridge in a Mouth
Member reactions:
Quality work, but kinda scary to look at these teeth... on the other hand maybe we should register and post this on
I hope that after the bridge is completed they will make a sort of repair on the upper teeth too .
Technical wizardry here. I don't get the 6.8 at all. This is triple A chopping, it's not easy. Guess I can't say anything, I didn't make the vote on this contest.
Thanks, everyone...I can't figure out the voting on this one, either. Sometimes I just guess voters don't realize just how much work goes into something. Such is life. We've all been there.
Ocasionally a fly gets in the ointment. No worries Doc it looks like the admins took appropriate actions and fast.

Funny Iran Building a model Aircraft Carrier

Iran Building a model Aircraft Carrier
Member reactions:
Wao.... to see the Aircraft Carrier and the missile is directly aim to destroy that.... good visuals
Nice chop with very good perspective. I like it.
Total congrats, Great chop, alarming story. These guys just will not stop until we elect a psycho president that will declare an American style, nuclear extinction Jihad on them. They really need to stop the antagonism and bull baiting or they WILL get horns right up their A55.
Congrats Slixter... interesting article too.

Funny Brick Building

Brick Building
In this contest we are asking you to use your creativity and edit this brick building image in any way you want. Use your imagination as you see fit. This image supplied by stock.xchng. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical Freaking News entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here. Your images will be critiqued even if you ask for no critique in the apprentice contests.

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