Electric Building
Electric Building
Electric Building. Member reactions:
It looks like two burj al arab buildings of Dubai connected via electric beams good use of sparks and glare of lightning
rajeshstar, it is the Spinnaker Tower in England
Same goes for you BF. Wicked chop. Congrats

Funny Microsoft Windows Panes Building

Microsoft Windows Panes Building
Member reactions:
Actually, it looks stylish. Not a bad concept so, package it up and send it to 'Uncle Billy' (Bill Gates).
Is this a real one.... the windows and office combination is really great
Love this idea, so creative and full of marketing

Funny Underwater Capitol Building

Underwater Capitol Building
Member reactions:
Where is our President.... Good use of acqua life and the colofrul water where the fishes were also seen in Blue Color
take the color of ur water, make another new image page,paint it blue,cut and paste over original pic. and fade into background.Blue Fish

Funny Conan O'Brien Flying Off a Building

Conan O'Brien Flying Off a Building

Funny Giant Snake Coiled Around Building

Giant Snake Coiled Around Building
Member reactions:
Awesome and fearsome snake rules the whole city fabulous job done

Funny New to body-building

New to body-building
Member reactions:
Getting that body ... is not so easy first make your pants tight buddy...

Funny Grumpy Man Walking on Rope Between Buildings

Grumpy Man Walking on Rope Between Buildings

Funny Unzipping Building

Unzipping Building
'Wonder what their 'ZIP CODE' is." .
Member reactions:
Like it. Can't tell if building looks like that of not. Very real.
Great to see the zipper in this building, its looks so real and might be a good idea to builders who can think of building this one day

Funny Shakira in a Deserted Building

Shakira in a Deserted Building
Thx to mjranum stock
Very cool
Too good the color focus is perfectly matched the image. Looks terrific
I just keep telling myself "those are not her feet, those are not her feet" . Everything else looks fantastic.
It is lovely. Well done on 5th place Mark. Those feet look fine to me, they are in keeping with walking through a hot dusty back alley, in proportion too. Not all women have tiny dainty feet boys .
Wonderful work in all regards. Tough race in this contest. Wish this one would get a trophy too.
xDDDD thx for the comments and votes... And her feet... I did not modify that feet, the source image was in that way xDDDDD

Funny UN Building by Magritte

UN Building by Magritte

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