Pope Bug I
Pope Bug I
Pope Bug I.

Funny Pirate Bug

Pirate Bug
Member reactions:
Cute...but totally missed the boat. Read the instructions.
Picture will match contest if dog in human clothes has the fleas.

Funny Angela Merkel Bugs Obama

Angela Merkel Bugs Obama
Member reactions:
Silver Congratulations Paul, great caricatures of B.O. and Angie.
Congrats on the Silver, Paul. Brilliant, ols scool spying setting here.

Funny The Love Bug Minimalist Movie Poster

The Love Bug Minimalist Movie Poster

Funny Bugs Bunny the CIA Cleaner

Bugs Bunny the CIA Cleaner
Because its all about playing hide and seek
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha I can see someone peeps out of pillar

Funny The Bugs Bunny Movie

The Bugs Bunny Movie
Member reactions:
Excellent, Doc. Congrats...Silver fuzzies or if I had Novocain silber fuddies...
Congrats on the silver Paul. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this one was yours...A little different from your usual style. Nice work.
Thanks G-Man, andwhat, Funkmeister and Newsy.
Congrats on gold. Sid the original gold winner get ratted out on a DQ I wonder. My brain is pffffft. I can't remember what or who it was. Shrugs

Funny Man Being Attacked by Alien Bed Bugs

Man Being Attacked by Alien Bed Bugs
Some sources
Member reactions:
As my days are numbered I am just trying to leave my mark
Great build, love the stains on his overalls.
Ha. Nice One...I know that Guy. He's Presidential material for sure.
Excellent. Even the final touches, like the shadows, are very well done.
Wonderful shortlegged guy. But revenge is behind you.
Congratulations. Another fine example of an inventive imagination.
Congrads on the Silver Cup, some fun stuff.
Congrats, Hit-man. Funny Caricature Work. He looks like that guy that invented the internet. Al Gore.
Congratz on the Silver, Hitz.. Great story line. Could almost taste that beer
Wild flight of imagination and artistic skills here. I would stay away from the redneck teeth here, but that's just my preference Top job.
Thanks Gummy, Champ, SS, HH, Pat, Wanderer, Luciano, Doc, Joan, Eric and Silcer C. I was actually trying to get away from Gore's likeness and just some neutral European type that could be Swiss, Italian, English... but Al Gore is hard to manipulate out hahahahaah even stretched every which way.
TY Bob and Newsey. You two snuck in while I must have been answering the others. Yeah, I'm sorry Vlad, I know you din't like the gag teeth, dead eyes and magic shop ad-ons hahaah. I can't help myself, I do man, what can I say. I am still a 7 year old kid at heart or at least a wanna-be circus freak. To be totally honest with you, this chop started out with those teeth on a clean page hahahahaahahahahahahahahahhahha. Really . Everything I did after that was an extension off those silly teeth. I just doodled the chop on up from there allowing the next thing I added to tell what to add next. Sooner or later the story emerges and I try to coax it the rest of the way to the finish line. I do recommend this as a creative exercise, but, it is better to have the idea first, and create the art second, but this method can be therapeutic. Peace... out my friends
Hitz. That's exactly the way most of my chops evolve.. At some point in that process it catches a wave and I have to ride it to it's finish. Needless to say I lose a lot of sleep that way...
Congrats Hitman. I love the quirkiness of the character.
Congrats on the win and this is FANTASTIC.

Funny Barack Obama Bug Alien on Another Planet

Barack Obama Bug Alien on Another Planet
Life on other planets
Member reactions:
strong connection of KFC with other planets......Actual freaking image
This is kinda freaky creature. As well as the one crawling out of the manhole
Silver congrats for Paul too. That 3-ciggie was a hint for trifecta methinks
Thanks, peeps. No Trifecta this time, Newsy.
Double-Congrats. This is an unusual concept for you but, gooood.

Funny Bull Bug

Bull Bug

Funny Bat Bug

Bat Bug
Member reactions:
This a cute creature in a freaky kinda way, .
Silver Congratulations, Preemie. Great combination choice

Funny Bug Food

Bug Food
Drugmaker Abbott Laboratories said Wednesday it is recalling millions of containers of its best-selling Similac infant formula that turned out to be contaminated with insect parts. The voluntary action affects up to 5 million Similac-brand powder formulas sold in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and some Caribbean countries. The company said the products may contain small beetles or larvae, which cause stomach ache and digestion problems. Photoshop any food products or food items made with insects. E.g. think of how marketing (product packaging, product ads) of famous food products could change now that "bugs are included".

Funny Giant Bugs

Giant Bugs
More news from paleontology this week. Scientists discovered a fossilized part of the biggest bug ever known - the ancient sea scorpion was 8 feet long and lived over 360 million years ago. This discovery suggests that spiders, bugs, crabs, and similar creatures were much larger in the past than their present day relatives. Photoshop giant insects any way you like. Some examples are: photo hoaxes of large bugs (e.g. a boy holding a huge dragonfly in his hands), giant insects in old paintings, human sized bugs living human lives (doing jobs, walking next to people, etc.).

Funny Fashion Bugs

Fashion Bugs
Photoshop bugs worn as jewelry or clothes. "Bug bags" are also allowed.

Funny Bugs

BUG OUT! Create images of how bugs can impact people, places or things; create a bug infestation, the results of having an infestation of bugs, or a bug world!

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