Bufori Luxury Car at the Beach
Bufori Luxury Car at the Beach
Bufori Luxury Car at the Beach. A Motor Vehicle Caricature The Bufori luxury model goes for $150-350,000 customized. Dang it, and I customized this one for free. Source Images Large Best View
Member reactions:
What a lovely car ...
Great work... like the Address showing arrow and awesome chop overall used the sources effectively
Have you thought of running this thru a 3D printer. Excellent work.
Thanks for all the great comments Balo, Raj, Disasterman, Nanny, Mac, Armatien, and Eric Thank you Paul. Thanks, Much appreciated PJ.
Congrats on the GOLD. Inspired work ... Yeehaaa...
Thanks much Gummy, or should I call you the Gumster. Yikes...that doesn't make for a very pretty visual. Thank you Laff. ...yeehaaa indeed
Great tuning work, SS. I'd love to have one. Congrats on the gold.
Grazie mille N-Master. Me too...maybe running it thru Nanny's 3d printer would work. A Simply Amazing Printer Many Thanks Geri....

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