Buffet and Gates in The Billionaires Club Painting
Buffet and Gates in The Billionaires Club Painting
Buffet and Gates in The Billionaires Club Painting. When we were young, we thought money was the most important thing in life. Now that we are old, we know that it is.
Member reactions:
Blending to match the rest of the painting needs to be done.

Funny Fat Men Enjoying The Buffet

Fat Men Enjoying The Buffet
It looks like Salis and Dr. Silvercanine sure are enjoying themselves. Sorry, boys, I just couldn't resist doing this. Background Source
Member reactions:
Awesome chop.... fully of funny characters and well merged good one
I can't wait for the revenge chop, silvercanine.
Congrats on the silver. Very funny entry.
Lol, great ribbing, Doc. I can'r wait for payback hehe. Congrats
Thanks, Steve. Thanks, Tim...I'm with you...I can't wait for the payback. I'll probably have 6 arms and 6 legs...all in the wrong place.
Thanks, Icy. Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid...your belly was great. Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, PJ.

Funny Barack Obama's Presidential Buffet

Barack Obama's Presidential Buffet
A last minute idea I had,and decided to give it a Freak Show entry...
Member reactions:
This is Awesome,Top rated Fire on the air and hot pic
Great work seen ... Nice detailing used on Obama Face, very funny expressive eyes of Obama looks too happy, Hilarious Chef Cap and good effects of smoke and light behind. Presidential Buffet is being rated by me as "Best"
Excellent opening of the contest Great job done Good Color contrast.
thanks everyone,thought this one was gonna be a bit more higher..oh well,next time.
Awesome chop. Tight competition this contest.

Funny Kirstie Alley's Slim Crash Buffet

Kirstie Alley's Slim Crash Buffet
Viewing in full may help if you can't read the writing, plus it just looks better
Member reactions:
too funny, was this the original picture.
No, I added Kirsty Alley to the picture, thats kind of what "photoshop" contests are But thank you, im glad you liked it.
This made me the most: Benefits include... taking home "occasional" left-overs. Great chop.
mmm this chop makes me hungry, I still think Kirstie is ... y.
she IS zexy, I just was going for the laugh, really i love her, most of the people i make fun of, is hoping they have a great sense of humor

Funny Dog in the Buffet Line

Dog in the Buffet Line
Woof Woof Woof. ( Can I have some more. )
Member reactions:
Lokks like one of thos e pot bellied pigs, though
All right, all right... as long as you don't make a mess on the carpet...

Funny Green Buffet

Green Buffet
Is this ham colored, or old (gulp). Original image 'buffet_lunch' from freeimages.co.uk
Member reactions:
I would eat it. If I had some green eggs to go with it.

Funny The Wedding Buffet

The Wedding Buffet
My favorite part of a wedding....

Funny The Last Buffet Painting

The Last Buffet Painting

Funny Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in Africa

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in Africa
Bill and Warren join forces.
Member reactions:
News story.... I heard that Buffett was giving the bulk of his estate to the Gates Foundation and paperwork is in process.What an amazing thing to do...kudos.
Bill & Warren look a bit big compared to the kids.
Those kids don't even know what a computer is. They don't have "Windows" and most of the money will just go into the pockets of the people (warlords) governing the areas where it is supposed to go. Yeah, "Bill and Warren's Great Adventure" is doing a lot. A lot for the crooks.

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