Budweiser Belch Beer
Budweiser Belch Beer
Budweiser Belch Beer. Member reactions:
yeh it happens with me most of the time after 1 ltr its all gone and tongue rolls like snake bite

Funny Budweiser Honest Advert

Budweiser Honest Advert
Member reactions:
, a feast of color and activity. Well done

Funny Giant Budweiser Bottle and Glass

Giant Budweiser Bottle and Glass
"Jeez Mate, pull me another frothy one, that one didn't even touch the sides." .
Member reactions:
Its really big, and really big job done hahah, good job

Funny Nancy, Hillary and Michelle Budweiser Advert

Nancy, Hillary and Michelle Budweiser Advert
Nancy, Hillary and Michelle support beer

Funny Budweiser Advert

Budweiser Advert
If this is all it would take to straighten out our political and economic problems I'd steal them a truck load.
Member reactions:
GENIUS idea... I'm in love with this chop.

Funny Angelina Budweiser

Angelina Budweiser
Member reactions:
Original Image here The face swap is handled nicely though.
, yeah could you imagine doing each bottle cap one at a time...
Do you mean putting them on or taking them off 'coz I can imagine doing the latter
kellie, nice idea though, Jolie gets votes for anything, she's just too freakin hot...

Funny Vintage Budweiser Ad

Vintage Budweiser Ad
Member reactions:
I count 35 beer for 3 people, and one's of them isn't drinking. Jeeves is going to have a messy day tomorrow.
Yeah but he'll be a happy Jeeves. I feel sorry for Red though.
Love the vintage theme you have chosen. Excellently integrated too. Pogo is right.

Funny Tomb Raider Budweiser

Tomb Raider Budweiser
Member reactions:
Quality blending - looks like the bottles belong there

Funny Spiderman Budweiser

Spiderman Budweiser
Member reactions:
Very nice work on matching the lighting effects. The spider on the bottle is a nice touch. A little larger would have been more dramatic. Should place well.


Member reactions:
He looks so smashed, the eyes are brilliant
Nice roughed-up look with the teeth, eyes, nose and fur. Especially like the tattoo, . The bottle on the right is just a little bit too far into the grip of the fingers as it gives the impression that the fingers are incredibly thin on the right side. It may have even looked better if the top finger was left extended as in the original and just gripping the bottle with the lower two fingers. With both bottles, just slightly darken the left sides to show the direction of the light source. What is the grey/white area on the upper-left whisker.
I think thats a J behind his ear coop, I had to look closely to see it.

Funny Budweiser

The famous Budweiser beer brand was sold to Belgian-Brazilian brewer InBev, as a part of the Bev's takeover of Anheuser-Busch for 52 billion dollars (33 billion euros). The deal made InBev the world's biggest brewer. Such a purchase of major American brewer by a foreign company was possible largely due to the weak dollar. To make Budweiser the most popular beer brand in the world, make advertisements for Bud with endorsements by anyone you wish - famous movie characters, painting characters, celebrities or politicians.

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