Funny Buddhist

Member reactions:
Well done. Good shadow work; kinda looks realistic.
Pretty nice jobe done, good thought & good skills too.

Funny Buddhist Bobby

Buddhist Bobby
He has gone to Burma to be a Buddhist monk

Funny Buddhist Donald Trump

Buddhist Donald Trump
On his path to enlightenment, he discovers that in order to appreciate the art of hair; one must first suffer it's loss.
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very creative. Nice take on this contest.
It's Donald Kojack. . Gotta love the Buddhist reference. Nice

Funny Tibetan Buddhist Art on the Great Wall of China

Tibetan Buddhist Art on the Great Wall of China
It's every were. Or should be. (in my humble opinion)
Member reactions:
Tried 2 fix it but when I type in a size change it becomes blurry.
Maybe you started your work with a tiny pic, so making it bigger will blur it.
Hidden. A good tip is to always set your search requirements to Wallpaper or the largest files the search engine you use will provide. Always above 1200 KB if possible. I like the 2400 KB range.
The reason it's blurry is because you submitted a very small image - see here. The site automatically resizes it to fit the site format. In your case it enlarged the pic resulting in a loss of quality. We allow for 500KB size for uploads, which allow for submissions to be large enough without the loss of quality. What program do you use that has to make the image so small to fit the 500KB limit.
adobe photoshop Elements 6 lots of times When I use a picture of a drawing the picas are not the same and it comes out looking like that. lousy.

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