Katy Perry Miss Rose Bud
Katy Perry Miss Rose Bud
Katy Perry Miss Rose Bud. Member reactions:
The flowers she is bringing need a more accurate cutting.

Funny Canadian Marijuana Bud Monster

Canadian Marijuana Bud Monster
Oh, Canada. I thought you said Colorado Jk. Happy Birthday Canada. Home to the Prince of Pot and the Canadian Bud Monster
Member reactions:
Freaking awesome. Under a flag like that, I'd accept the Canadian citizenship at once.
Very clever, and a great job on Little Bud-Man. Congrats on the Wood, ItsHere ..

Funny Marijuana Bud Obama

Marijuana Bud Obama
Member reactions:
HAHAHAHAHAHA.... I love it. I'd put it in a blunt.
Its different, very nice chop. Great smile
This is a freaking brilliant idea to create this chop like it very much
Funny stuff d-dog his close friends call him "Bud" . . . is he Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid.
Thanks everyone. He's just good to the last drop.

Funny The Rock, Brad Pitt &Taye Diggs Bud Girls

The Rock, Brad Pitt &Taye Diggs Bud Girls
Member reactions:
the girls looks so pretty, nice facial makeover matching with the body color
Thanks, eric,AzureSky,rajesstar and RICKYTREK1...
Thanks,krrish. ....it is kind of a ... y look,no wonder why all the ladies Love him.
Should read " ... y look", but it wouldn't let me edit it.....
I suddenly feel like playing goldeneye 64.

Funny Bike And Bud

Bike And Bud

Funny This Bud's for you.

This Bud's for you.
Atlas, a flower just for men.

Funny Hanging out with my Buds

Hanging out with my Buds
Bee Movie Source I added some facial hair so he'd look old enough to drink... and look more like me.
Member reactions:
there is still some yellow in the top label
thekillerbee...now I get it. I liked this one. thekillerbee's got wood.
Congrats Kbee 2 trophies in one contest, your on a roll. No CCD here...hehe

Funny Goodbye, Jenny ... Hello, Bud!

Goodbye, Jenny ... Hello, Bud!
Member reactions:
I think she was on the Bud diet all along. Funny chop.
be funny if you bent the two stools under her outward a little bit. great work.
One of the best satire entries in the show. Love how you did the endorsement.

Funny Circe offering the Bud to Ulysses

Circe offering the Bud to Ulysses
Tried to do a vintage advertise - I hope you like it Original: "Circ offering the Cup to Ulysses" by John William Waterhouse
Member reactions:
Nice work on the reflection, I would lose or change the dialog, sounds like a bad English translation.
Well, English isn't my profession... it's not my foreign language. Therefore I avoid things like this advertise usually. Dialog has been taken away - thx for the advice.
I hope Ulysses isn't planning to lap his beer out that little dish like a spaniel. That seems very un-Ulysses-like.
Artistically done - quality composition and painting technique

Funny Dark Knight - Bud Light

Dark Knight - Bud Light
Member reactions:
Knights have to watch their calories too.
There's a sneak peek in my town tomorrow at midnight. Can't wait.
oh... i see.. you put a bottle in his hand... and slighty tweaked the text from the original... not bad
HAHA, ya, thats a promo wallpaper with text change and its 2nd ... can I change the text on it to win next weeks freakshow. hehe
It is a little bit more than a simple text change as the background has to be cloned to cover the existing text of the original. Considering the gradient differences on the original, the entrant handled it quite well. Just a small clone stamp in the bottom left area remains though. Perhaps just a slight darkening or shadow on the lower-right side of the bottle in the palm. Otherwise, nice work.
Thanks cOOp, good eye, I think I fixed it.
Congrats Jerry. Nice work. You are on a roll lately. I agree with c00p... not just a quick text change...try to recreate it yourself, sid.
Thanks everyone. This was a fun contest. I had like 8 entries. And I did them all while drinking Miller Lite.
sorry to burst ya bubble guys but i agree with sid... clone stamping a little text isn't very much work.. and the there are no gradient differences to the original i'm looking at both of at right now... congratz on the win but.. i think ya getting ya votes for someone's existing work all the hard stuff was already done.. but.. not saying you've done anything wrong.. just not sure its worth 2nd in my book..
"there are no gradient differences to the original" Thanks acebounce, it isn't easy matching gradient. I don't even know what you are talking about noob. I changed the writing, put a beer in his hand and added a Batman logo. Obvious much. I doubt you "bursted any bubbles". For my Spiderman entry I put a beer in his hand put a spider on the beer and added a logo and it did quite well too, why didn't you harp on that one. The winner is in the idea. I actually spent the most time on my Tomb Raider entry and my Vintage Ad entry. And by the way, before you go slamming peoples work you may want to become a little better yourself. When you win something you can talk. Until then....
Congrats Jerry Nice job on getting the words to match those of original poster style. Fonts and logos, all: If it's so easy to make fancy logos, how come so few do it. Look through prior entries and find out how many actually can do more than simple text with a drop shadow.
acebounce: A slight misunderstanding of what I meant by 'gradient differences'. The original image was composed of various gradients with added filters. This is what I meant by 'gradient differences'. The entrant was able to duplicate these differences to mask out the existing text and did it in a manner which made the finished image a quality entry. Regardless of whether an entrant creates their submission entirely from scratch or augments and/or manipulates an existing image, they are judged fairly on their final submission. In this case, the submission didn't deserve your vote of '1'.
Well said coop. Why didn't you enter this one Rainman. I have so many fonts it's irritating. Sometimes I have to browse through fonts for an hour to find the right one. But this isn't all font, I manipulated it a slight bit... and hand colored it. Thanks everyone again for the cool comments.
Dont get me wrong, i love this peice, and the work on the text... its a great peice, just thought a graphic artis put a lot of work into the original to make the sweet backing source
Congratulations on your first silver, Jer. I wish to say to acebounce and SidKain - it's the idea that wins most of the time. I agree this entry did not take as much work as Jer's Vintage Bud Ad and Tomb Raider entries, but just like great inventions, entries with great ideas tend to win.
AArrrgghhh. I keep missing the vote times these days - would have liked to have voted on more of these, top entry jerry
Excellent job and idea on this one Jerry, congrats on the Silver..

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