Katy Perry Miss Rose Bud
Katy Perry Miss Rose Bud
Katy Perry Miss Rose Bud. Member reactions:
The flowers she is bringing need a more accurate cutting.

Funny Canadian Marijuana Bud Monster

Canadian Marijuana Bud Monster
Oh, Canada. I thought you said Colorado Jk. Happy Birthday Canada. Home to the Prince of Pot and the Canadian Bud Monster
Member reactions:
Freaking awesome. Under a flag like that, I'd accept the Canadian citizenship at once.
Very clever, and a great job on Little Bud-Man. Congrats on the Wood, ItsHere ..

Funny Marijuana Bud Obama

Marijuana Bud Obama
Member reactions:
HAHAHAHAHAHA.... I love it. I'd put it in a blunt.
Its different, very nice chop. Great smile
This is a freaking brilliant idea to create this chop like it very much
Funny stuff d-dog his close friends call him "Bud" . . . is he Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid.
Thanks everyone. He's just good to the last drop.

Funny The Rock, Brad Pitt &Taye Diggs Bud Girls

The Rock, Brad Pitt &Taye Diggs Bud Girls
Member reactions:
the girls looks so pretty, nice facial makeover matching with the body color
Thanks, eric,AzureSky,rajesstar and RICKYTREK1...
Thanks,krrish. ....it is kind of a ... y look,no wonder why all the ladies Love him.
Should read " ... y look", but it wouldn't let me edit it.....
I suddenly feel like playing goldeneye 64.

Funny Beer Bud Plant

Beer Bud Plant
Atlas, a flower just for men.

Funny Bud Patrol

Bud Patrol
Captain Gus ready to Serve.
Member reactions:
Can you fly that over my house and make it Bud Light.

Funny Bud-Nipper

Terrorism. Nip it in the bud.
Member reactions:
I love this. You could have stopped with just Barney, but you added extra elements to make it even better. Well done and very clever.

Funny Marlboro Buds

Marlboro Buds

Funny Bud Bed

Bud Bed

Funny Bud Spencer

Bud Spencer
I enjoyed all the time his guilelessness face

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