Snail Bucking a Cowboy
Snail Bucking a Cowboy
Snail Bucking a Cowboy.

Funny Bucking Giant Snail

Bucking Giant Snail
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Funny Big Bucks For The Big Bang Theory Cast

Big Bucks For The Big Bang Theory Cast
Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki sign deals to give them each ONE MILLION DOLLARS per episode of the "Big Bang Theory"
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Geeks need to get rich. Ask Mark Zuckerberg

Funny Deer with Buck Teeth

Deer with Buck Teeth
News Story
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Thanks for the Grammar Lesson.
Like the Buck teeth embosed on the deer. looks funny
Funny work, I like this bunny and good font with shadows its nice

Funny Helen Thomas Being Bucked Off Her Horse

Helen Thomas Being Bucked Off Her Horse
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Nice one. Like the scene and the way horse placed. Good.

Funny Star Bucks Seven Eleven

Star Bucks Seven Eleven
shouldn't they merge and save tons of city space .
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Thanks Kellie , revgrex , Ilovelayers , ericnorthend , rajeshstar , geriatric , ArchNemesiS , pcrdds , funkwood ..

Funny Passing the Buck - Deers Driving

Passing the Buck - Deers Driving
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Thanks everybody. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, went fishing for the weekend

Funny Starbucks Buck

Starbucks Buck
Starbucks meat products
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Great work here. Next time I go to the S's drive-up, I will drop off your picture.
Excellent concept. Gotta be one expensive star buck here.

Funny Breadline Bucks

Breadline Bucks
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Like this a lot...but wish the inset were 'antiqued' or better yet show a line of volvos at the local food bank. (A while back in Denver the yuppies in Cherry Creek got their foodbank stuff sent to their homes.(true, during the dot com fiasco) Why, because it would damage their image and chances at getting hired for uber-yuppy jobs.
I love the vintage angle you took. Pro work

Funny Gluttony Bucks Food Stamps

Gluttony Bucks Food Stamps
Please view full
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Bummer-you grabbed my Fat Man and the Super-Burger Deluxe pics. Great job.
You mean this isn't real. A USDA 'Happy Meal'.
The more I look at this chop the more hungry I get and the more this man reminds me some kind of predator... Quality stuff. "Good for 5000 calories".
Well done
Congrats RW, nice modernization of that old stamp
that's cool work pike congrats on the bronze
congrats rw mate. lovein it. the "FATA55" code was a nice touch
hahaha, ew that fat dude..hahaha congrats it

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