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Funny Bruce Pictures

Bruce WillisFunny Bruce Willis
Member reactions:

Member reactions:

Great detailing used nice light source and good chop on the face

Bruce Willis with Baby Demi MooreFunny Bruce Willis with Baby Demi Moore
Member reactions:
Poor Bruce.
Fine work-looks like a healthy little crumb-snatcher.
look at her head Just like Bruce...A real Jr.Bruce baby Super like
Very funny, like the way the hair is tied over her head Hilarious to see the chocolate drops oozing out from her mouth
Great work and funny as always. Congrats on Gold..
Congratulations Dr. 'C'. I needed a few laughs and received them in this contest; Thanks.
Thanks, balodiya...thanks, JimShorts...thanks, lucido5...thanks, G-Man...that's my job.
Congrats,pcrdds on winning the Gold & Silver....Bravo my friend. Awesome work on both........
congrats paul on both your gold and silver
Congrats on the gold, Paul. The baby is soo pretty.
Thanks, Chili. Thanks, Newsy. Remember, Demi is available now.

Bruce Willis` New BabyFunny Bruce Willis` New Baby
Member reactions:

First it was Demi. Now this.
Yes, its his child daddy's child so cute
Like the look on his face... congrats again.
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, JimShorts. Thanks, G-Man.
Congrats,pcrdds on winning the Gold & Silver....Bravo my friend. Awesome work on both........
The daughter looks hilarious with this hairdo. Silver for Paul too, congrats.
Thanks, Chili. Thanks, Newsy. You too can have that hairdo.

Bruce Willis BabyFunny Bruce Willis Baby
Member reactions:

Bruce Willis and MabelFunny Bruce Willis and Mabel
Member reactions:

Good work, superstar waiting for ticket
Nice finished and clean texture and good sharpness given to the image looks happy family --- lovely
Well Done, Nice Composition and nice color
Congratulations,on winning the Bronze....nice work.
Thank you geriatric, nepa & robin... your awesome.
Beautificent. Congrats on the bronze, Jim.

Bruce and Emma Willis with BabyFunny Bruce and Emma Willis with Baby
Member reactions:

They train 'em early in Hollywood.
Wonderful job, perfect family photo. Star baby denying to shoot

Bruce Willis Welcomes his New DaughterFunny Bruce Willis Welcomes his New Daughter
Member reactions:

Bruce Willis Welcomes Daughter
Amazing how DNA can come back to haunt you...
Thanks, LunaC...thanks, Disasterman...thanks, geriatric.
Baby Brucecilla is beautiful............. NOT. Bwahahahahahhaahh... Funny.
Freaing idea the lady behind in the frame is also amazing
Cute baby smoking Funny photo on the wall looks like freak mommy of freaky baby
It's too hilarious to see baby face and specially his hair it too funny and look how he smokes good work on the cap too
Thanks, deaddog...thanks, balodiya...thanks, ericnorthend...thanks, diamonds...thanks, rajeshstar.
Defaced Demi Moore on the wall in the background is some sweet icing on this cake. Nice win. Well deserved.
Congrats on the Bronze,Paul.....excellent work.
Way to go Paul , Congrats on the Bronze
I won't mention the fact that his right hand is behind the kid instead of holding her (oops, guess I did), but this is great. Congrats on the Bronze. (I thought he was sleeping with Michelle though - ha)

Buddha BruceFunny Buddha Bruce
Member reactions:

Fantabolus background and nice image chopping with a smile on its face, like it

Bruce Willis Digital ArtFunny Bruce Willis Digital Art
Member reactions:

a great use of photoshop filters... great job bravooooo

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