Mother Bruce Willis and Son
Mother Bruce Willis and Son
Mother Bruce Willis and Son.

Funny Bruce Willis Toothless

Bruce Willis Toothless
Member reactions:
Now he looks soft.... A Good Day to Die Soft

Funny Quentin Tarantino Bashed by Bruce Willis

Quentin Tarantino Bashed by Bruce Willis
Dear Quentin Tarantino, If you liked the picture call me I have a ton of scripts for your movies.
Member reactions:
It looks like they had a wonderful time...

Funny Short Bruce Willis Firing Guns

Short Bruce Willis Firing Guns

Funny Bruce Willis with a Short Ema Heming

Bruce Willis with a Short Ema Heming
Member reactions:
Short girl friend will have one advantage is she jumps to kiss on your lips

Funny Bruce Willis and Demi Old Wedding Photo

Bruce Willis and Demi Old Wedding Photo
Member reactions:
Great to see both Bruce looks awesome in vintage look

Funny Bruce Lee with a Sword Caricature

Bruce Lee with a Sword Caricature
Member reactions:
… magnifique …
Outstanding job.... excellent 3D effects done on the Dragon and Bruce Lee is amazing.... well done on the lighting effects specially on the Sword Great Job over all.... All the best
Congratulations my friend. Loved the flames... they were stroked with the touch of a Great Artist.
RickyTicki dude, you went and got reeeeeeel gud while I was away. Well done...... Superb art
Wild, skillful chopping. Congrats on the silver, Ricky.

Funny Bruce Willis Is A Wino

Bruce Willis Is A Wino
Formerly sober Bruce Willis now says he drinks wine
Member reactions:
Fixed a couple of things, spitfire...that's the way the finger was in the source...but, I cloned the 4th finger, re-sized it and put it over the glass's stem so there shouldn't be any confusion.
Great look of Bruce Wills.... nice facial expression with a wine in hand A good Day to Drink Wine to see him licking the blood... or Red wine ...
Congratulations. Never disappointed-always on-target.
In Vino Veritas. Congrats on the wood too, Paul. The name of the wine cracked me up.
Thanks, Newsy. I'm glad someone looked at the labels.

Funny Stuffed Head of Bruce Willis

Stuffed Head of Bruce Willis
Member reactions:
, Fantastic.
. This looks rather "Funky" to me and of course, it's excellent.
Fantabolus job done.... Bruce is always ready to Die Hard.... Lovely expressions on the face and the way the Hand is lifting the rope to make him Die Hard Great lines textures on his face and the cut hand well done
Dammmit... friend how your mind works with these super-fictions I am stuck in this chop.. Perfection with Colors shadows effects smoothness is AwesomE Lovely work. A master piece
Thanks for the high score and great comments guys.
Impressive mounting here. Congrats on the gold, funkster.

Funny Bruce Lee Caricature

Bruce Lee Caricature
all sources VIP / BIT ANIMATED. The 63rd Berlin film festival got off to a fists-flying start Thursday with Chinese director Wong Kar Wai's lush martial arts epic about the mentor of kung fu superstar Bruce Lee. The epic martial-arts drama is about the life’s work by the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. Seattle Bruce Lee museum gets big boost I have found the cause of my ignorance and I got over it. and the past is an illusion. You must learn to live in the present and accept you for who you are now. What you lack in flexibility and agility you must acquire the knowledge and constant practice. B.Lee.
Member reactions:
Spectacular Caricature Of Mr. Bruce Lee. Masterfully Accomplished. ** I really enjoyed the source page and the animation. **
Your Welcome. Great art my friend. FN's Tutorials link is kinda buried in red letters at the bottom of all the pages. Called "photo editing tutorials" FN's PhotoShop Tutorial Page At the top is a link to the step by step tutorial formatting page. FN's Tutorial Formatting Page But if you are just interested in a video tutorial you may ask Salis2006 for some advice. He has just posted a great one here at this link in the forum. Salis's Tutorial on Safe Shadow Casting Good Luck My Friend. ** I wonder why they haven't posted the FreakShow contest yet. I hope everything is alright.
Good use of the source Excllent caricature
Awesome chop.... Great caricature done with a angry face good job on the background too
I feel like IP man has thought him very well...
Ahhh, Mandrake. Nice to see you again. Excellent work
Congrats on the gold, Marco. Wonderfully themed martial arts chop.
lots of work on this one PSM, and great Outcome.. congrats Buddy.

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