Bruce Willis with Mother
Bruce Willis with Mother
Bruce Willis with Mother. Member reactions:
This kid will save the world several times

Funny Old Bruce Lee

Old Bruce Lee
Member reactions:
He is the master of all Hip hip Bruce lee
The hand holding the cane needs the same treatment as the face. Good composition the cell phone words are backwards. nice match on the nose. Good luck.
Back words fixed I will add noise to Hand. Thank you, IcyAllEyeCan.

Funny Bruce Jenner Selling His Old Wardrobe

Bruce Jenner Selling His Old Wardrobe
In an exclusive interview, Bruce Jenner admits he's a woman
Member reactions:
Great interpretation and composition of the news story.
tie the a.k. to the pole with a string. lots of input again as usual, mr P. this one is probably the best of them.the shadows on the sand should probably only be behind the object, to avoid the appearance of floating. maybe make the weights sink in the sand a little. good stuff just the same. good luck.
Thanks, everyone. It's cement, jere. It's his actual house and this is the driveway.
Well, at least he's got bolls to finally admit he's a woman.
congrats on the bouble, mr. P. my mistake. i thought it was sand. nice chopping. The obama playing with the drone game was also very cool.
Thanks, Newsy, jere and Bob. Yeah, Newsy, but he doesn't want to lose them.
The clothes give-away - great idea - nicely done.
Congrats Doc, great job. Well you two managed to hijack the podium in a stellar way with some killer work I wouldn't be surprised to see this one go viral. Funny as he11

Funny Bruce Willis Playing all Roles in Armageddon

Bruce Willis Playing all Roles in Armageddon

Funny Bruce Willis' New Album

Bruce Willis' New Album
Member reactions:
more like dying i wouldn't buy it good he went to acting

Funny Bruce Willis Caricature

Bruce Willis Caricature
Hearts War, 5th Element mixed theme and my two favorite films of his A few sources
Member reactions:
Thank you Hobbit, Fugit and Swashbuckle.
Super Build, Hidden. The "Willis" name and red heart are a nice touch. Thanks for the images view. I have the jacket image. Just holler if you need that to place in your sources list.
Sorry i have a difficult time seeing Bruce Willis in this pic. Too much facial manipulation.
Excellent caricature...Big face and great texture seen on the face fabolous job done
Even if I completely agree with Registered (we see too often excessive distortions in caricatures), I think this one is superb, at least from a technical point of view.
Krike, nit picky like old hens... Hahahahaha .... Gawd, it's close enough to my eye. Welcome back Registered. Better get chopping or loose that 4th place standing. Thanks Luciano, Eric, Rajesh, Registered, Disasterman and, Splatshot. It did a tiny tweakage but it's done-done as far as I see I need to work it. Thanks for the comments. Cheers
Lots of interesting elements Tim congrats. But I have to agree with Registered about the likeness (although I don't agree with his voting stats in this contest). A bit more likeness probably would've swayed the voters for a gold in your favor.
Thanks Dan. You guys must have much better eyes than me. I have been wondering about my sight lately. I applied the 4-2-0 test and to my eye, each covered quadrant, quartered, halved and full view was obvious who it was. To me. I see the same thing happening with yours, face a bit too vertically exaggerated but overall, still a pretty clear recognition. In fact, yours did not pass the 4-2-0 on the mouth region quite as well as mine did but your overall likeness works better... marginally. And that is to my eye. I suppose it really comes down to what perception points you track "personally" when using facial recognition and how the eye/brain prioritizes. I have astigmatism and some optical condition, forget the name, where I see a split image in my right eye. And for some related reason, I tend to see things, well, a little plumper than they probably are. Does that effects my chopping. It must, because three of you have said the same thing. And it isn't the first time. It might be time to throw in the towel if I can't get simple caricatures correct. So, either you guys are being hyper critical which I think not, or I have a real problem. Anyway, I guess the chop had enough going for it to grab a cup. Many thanks...
Try not to take it too personal Tim. I'm not critiquing your entry to be malicious or hyper critical, but rather pointing it out so you can try different things to fix it next time. No need to throw in the towel just yet...Some things in a face or head can be altered and distorted quite a bit while still retaining likeness, like the shape of the head for instance. But other features such as eyes, nose and lips can't be altered in shape (only size) before the likeness is completely lost. Study some of Pikes caricatures closely and you'll see what I mean.
Congrats on Silver, Hits. Excellent work on chop. What's the 4-2-0 test about.
Not personal, Dan, just concerned. This is not the first time and seems to be happening with alarming frequency. I am here to show you folks how it is done, not how it is not. Thanks Pal
No problem dude. By the way, good caricatures are never simple or easy. I constantly struggle to create good caricatures while pushing the limits of distortion. I'm only as good as I am because of constant practice and studying the work of other caricaturists better than me. Keep the faith.
4-2-0 is an old portrait artist trick, Champ. The idea is to divide the face into 4 quadrants with a cross. Take two envelopes and cover all but one quadrant. We will take the left eye for example. Does that left eye that is exposed look like the corresponding reference. In other words, can you tell that is the person you are drawing, painting, chopping from just seeing that one eye and partial nose. If you can move the envelopes around applying the same method to the other three quadrants and get a yes, you are good to go. You can apply the same to half the face, upper and lower to test the likeness or you can check it by dividing the face vertically, down the middle. Using this way of referencing is a simple way to avoid overwhelm while fine tuning the portrait. The 0 of course denotes the full face. Go ahead and take a few scraps of paper and test it out on my image and see if recognition qualities are present in all 4 quads. Sorry for not being more clear earlier. I sometimes forget some stuff isn't general knowledge at all and actually is technical. Some teachers might even call it something else but I learned it as 420. Imagine that. Hope that clears it up.
Congrats on the win, love it, darn, you're work is great.
Congrats on the silver Great Job Hitspinner. Love it. Very complicated, you must have the patience of a saint.
thanks for clearing that 420 business up Hits. Comparing yours to Dan's, I feel you lose a little with the blue eyes. It was the first thing I noticed when viewing your chop. Dan left the eyes original, with that confident Bruce Willis gaze. And that reinforced the rest of his caricature. I had no problem whatever seeing Bruce in yours, a fantastic effort. Both works deserve Gold.
Well, so much for my survey. I don't think there really is anyone on Facebook except Pat, Pree, Doc and me and HH.

Funny Bruce Willis in the Rain

Bruce Willis in the Rain
Member reactions:
Nice Job with the tones. Very Kewl Image, Hidden. The perspectives sorta grab hold of ya.
this is interesting.. crazy thoughts and rain drops
Great concept and execution. Should've scored higher in my opinion.

Funny Bruce Willis and his Nuts

Bruce Willis and his Nuts
Member reactions:
Another 9th trophy..... Man you are consistent Tought field this time. Everybody brought their "A" game including you.

Funny Bruce Willis' Birthday Party

Bruce Willis' Birthday Party

Funny Bruce Willis Moonlighting Hair Club

Bruce Willis Moonlighting Hair Club
He's not only a movie star - he's the secret owner of Hair Club. And it all started as a clown with a gorilla mask.
Member reactions:
Good chop but I think his shadow should be on the opposite side.

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