James `Waters` Brown
James `Waters` Brown
James "Waters" Brown. Member reactions:
, I hated picking on him, by using his face on her.
Top5congrats, Hobbit. Great choice of subjects.
Lol, Marvelous job, Hobbit. You gave her some class now if only she could dance and sing like James. Top five and then some.

Funny Brown Bear Owl

Brown Bear Owl

Funny Charlie Brown Arrested

Charlie Brown Arrested
Man who voiced Charlie Brown gets prison
Member reactions:
Charley,,, Brown Lives Matter.
Congrats on the cup, Uncle-C. Great Imaage...love Charlies joint.
Thanks everybody. And thanks Splats,I like his joint too.

Funny Jerry Brown vs Jim Carrey on Vaccines

Jerry Brown vs Jim Carrey on Vaccines
You can see this news jim carrey and governor California Jerry Brown, in the next link jim carrey condemn California Governor Jerry Brown
Member reactions:
LOl... great work in blood spills and great caricature
Looks great Elegary. Congrats on the wood

Funny Doc Brown travels to New Yoirk in 1930s

Doc Brown travels to New Yoirk in 1930s
Doc Brown travels back to the thirties this time...and changes a few things.
Member reactions:
Would anyone care to comment on how this could have been better. Maybe there's something I'm not seeing... Thanks

Funny Guns at a Chris Brown Party

Guns at a Chris Brown Party
Three wounded by gunfire at a party for Chris Brown
Member reactions:
Excellent work. I would make their bodies larger, or their heads smaller, because the difference in head and body size is so big that it's hard to associate these bodies with these heads.
Amazing chop,This is Killing gunfire party.
It's still a fine work though the heads are still huge, but not sure why the party is happening at some Gothic chapel all of a sudden.
very good work, awesome colors . Congratz man

Funny Hairy Jessica Brown Findlay

Hairy Jessica Brown Findlay

Funny Chris Brown Jailed Again

Chris Brown Jailed Again
Chris Brown is thrown in jail again.
Member reactions:
Hilarious. Where can I get that toilet paper holder.
You can get it here, Jim. http://www.sturbridgeyankee.com/bed-bath/bath/labrador-toilet-paper-holder.html
Ha ha Picnic inside the toilet... great chop and funny to see the toilet paper holder good one
Great caricature.I'm afraid he will suffer with all these restrictions .
He's still in control of his life no matter where "Rehab is for quitters"
Congrats Master P ~and thanks for the link... Talking my wife into it now.
Ahhh ha. What is it with these thug bugs. They get the world handed to them and they screw it up. Great chop Doc. Congrats on the silver. The doll is a perfect touch.

Funny Chris Brown Arrested Again

Chris Brown Arrested Again
chris brown arrested THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS.
Member reactions:
"THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS." What comments., I don't see any comments. Oh, Wait,,, This is a comment. In that case, Your welcome.
Chris is a serial troublemaker Decent work.
Generally the idiot impulse to be a punk A55 thug dissipates by 17. This guy just doesn't get it. Fine chop. Top 5 congrats

Funny Jerry Brown in the Desert

Jerry Brown in the Desert
Govenor Brown Declares Drought Emergency For California
Member reactions:
Excellent composition to link the news story... good job in putting the boats and the dried lake to show of the drought.... Like it
Looks very cute and innocent very well executed..
Excellent. Love the perspective angle here

Funny Brown Bear

Brown Bear
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of the brown bear any way you wish. (Image credit: Kallerna). Some examples are - merge the bear with other animals, make the bear perform some circus stunts, dress it up and place it in unusual locations. These are just some ideas.

Funny Charlie Brown Mugshot

Charlie Brown Mugshot
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of the Charlie Brown mugshot (image credit: Kevin Dooley) any way you wish. Some examples are - turn celebrities and politicians into Charlie Brown with the help of this mugshot, put Charlie Brown (from this source phote) into some new environment, use this image in posters and movies, etc. These are just some ideas. You are welcome to use either left or right part of the mugshot, or both of them in one chop.

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