BROCCOLI. Member reactions:
Well Done Neat and flawless. Nice hair style.
Ha ha ha perfectly suits her the Broccoli

Funny Barack Obama Broccoli Head

Barack Obama Broccoli Head
Could be the hottest gift this Holiday Season.

Funny Broccoli Head Man

Broccoli Head Man
Member reactions:
Just another one of Rogaine commercials. Nice blend

Funny King of all Broccoli

King of all Broccoli
Member reactions:
Me likes. The pants and the rope are a great touch
that was great prepemre , keep up nice works

Funny Broccoli Head Barack Obama

Broccoli Head Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Lol his finger
Barack Obama telling "pull my finger joke" Great blend

Funny Chocolate Broccoli

Chocolate Broccoli
For kids that won't eat broccoli.
Member reactions:
Oooo. That would be FATulence. The worst kind.

Funny Broccoli with Velveeta

Broccoli with Velveeta
Behold the Power of Cheese.

Funny chocolate broccoli

chocolate broccoli
Kid's favorite---even better than boogers ...
Member reactions:
ChocOli could also have been the product name.
I prefer my broc steamed for a few minutes, till it's bright green and sweet, then rinsed with icy cold water so it dosen't overcook. (chef's secret.)

Funny Broccoli


Funny Broccoli Man

Broccoli Man

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