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Funny Brittany Pictures

Brittany Murphy Digital ArtFunny Brittany Murphy Digital Art
Member reactions:
Full View Please Here are the Sources
this picture reminds me of hellraisers..
Quality chop with fantasy style. I must admit I would not realize it's Brittany without reading the title
I wish u had'v supplied sources while vote was happening, would'v made a diff to my vote as I had no idea what had been done here.
Kellie- Sources were posted with 9.5 hrs of voting time left on the clock. It helped a little.. the piece was 19/37.

Brittany Murphy`s LawFunny Brittany Murphy`s Law
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Brittany Murphy AnimeFunny Brittany Murphy Anime
Member reactions:
The intention is to highlight the most important features of the actress, as an anime. Source Source2
Excellent work. I only wish she resembled Brittany more
Whadayamean. I love your stuff. I don't remember seeing the fairy the first time through. I generally vote on ammount of time, technical expertise and concept and try not to let personal taste enter in the voting process. But I got stuck on the fairy, thinking she should have had animine features too as strictly an artistic preference in integration. But the main thing, a technical point, that reduced the vote by 1.0 was the fairy shadow does not agree with the light source on the subject's face. Without that simple oversight this would have been slammed out of the park my friend.
Overall I like the image, clean well worked & personally I like the anime stuff , but if this wasn't a Britt themed contest I would have no idea who this is sorry.
This was my fav. in this contest Taita. We all like your work..
No wonder this Fourth, all my jobs face the same fate.
, well fourth is not a loss, my friend. It's frustrating to be sure but it it's not rejection. I think I am the king of woodies around here, or maybe second place cups by now. Just keep flying the chops out there and the voters will catch on sooner or later Keep in mind, you throw your work in with seasoned pros, some with 30, 40 or more years experience in the arts. That is stiff competition.Even getting close deserves a huge pat on the back. Your stuff is great, keep the faith.

Brittany Murphy PaintingFunny Brittany Murphy Painting
Member reactions:

Outstanding choice of sources and great painting match in texture and colors. even the painting cracks are showing.
Normally I'd be really #$%%%$#### over a simple head chop blowing me off but this was pushed way beyond the simple. Superb job. You went the extra mile
Congrats on the win, Mandrak. You are the master of old masterpieces.
Buen trabajo como siempre, impecable. Felicidades por el oro.
A cute and pretty win, Mandras. Congrats.
Thanks to all the messages, I'm glad you enjoyed the work, I have the same happiness in the next year because I'm always on this site. congratulations to all Mandrak

Hurry Back Brittany MurphyFunny Hurry Back Brittany Murphy
Member reactions:

Maybe better to say; Hurry back everyone.
Very thoughtful composition. Sad and touching
Oldman. I generally don't have meaningful conversations with a slab of meat on the counter and sadly, its sort of the same with people whom consider themselves as such Even if there is nothing at the end I'd prefer to go with hope in my heart that I get to go on this amazing ride again. I'm just a kid in an incredible amusement park Peace
good or bad, like many things just one ride never seems to be enough. sitting here listening to Les Paul and hoping to hear more. i'm pretty sure i will. MOST EXCELLENT WORK.
Congrats HitS. You totally surprised me on this one. I like your amusement park.
Thanks. I just caught a goof looking over this. There is a fuzzy part on the Earth at the 11:00 position. Jeeze, simple things.....
Congrats on the Silver.The harmony is beautiful and the color effects.
Congratulations. I think the 'baby slobber' coloring exemplifies the warm breath of a newborn. It fits-It's poetic and It's introspective. I can hear the music now...
Hitster, congrats man. Love the vibrant colors.

Brittany Murphy TributeFunny Brittany Murphy Tribute
Member reactions:

Daem strong showing. The little light bursts really add another level to this.
thanks all. concentrated on the light thing which most wouldn't notice.

I wish I were Lara Croft - Brittany MurphyFunny I wish I were Lara Croft - Brittany Murphy
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Lady Brittany Murphy PaintingFunny Lady Brittany Murphy Painting
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Brittany Murphy PortraitFunny Brittany Murphy Portrait
Member reactions:

Excellent blending, but I am not sure she looks like Brittany. Perhaps the source was not of Brittany.

Brittany Murphy with a FanFunny Brittany Murphy with a Fan
Member reactions:

Brittany MurphyFunny Brittany Murphy - Brittany Murphy died early Sunday morning after collapsing at home. Murphy started acting in Hollywood at the age of 14, she starred in over 70 movies, her most famous ones being "Clueless", "Girl, Interrupted", "8 Mile", and "Sin City". Brittany was an actress, a singer, and just a beautiful woman. She will be missed. To pay a tribute to Brittany Murphy, photoshop her any (positive) way you wish. Think of what movies she could have played in, immortalize her in paintings and other tribute chops.

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