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Funny Britain Pictures

Great Britain aiming for goldFunny Great Britain aiming for gold
Member reactions:

Nicely chopped. Just wish it made a new sport, cause this one already exists

Member reactions:

Queen everywhere in Olympics good to see her in Swimming costume well designed...
Interesting job done, looks like a 3d stamp here
Congrats on silver Wanderer. PEST on the postmark.. Was that intenional.

Team Great BritainFunny Team Great Britain
Member reactions:
I'd like to thank my friend Donna for allowing me to use her photo.
Creative Olympic Logo Like the Team Britin and they were representing Hot funny crab creeping over her body...
........ Its crazy work, You are Brilliant and genius Freaked Choper hidden ha ha ha Good luck ma friend ...Well what abt that submarine peeping her
Thanks, Kellie. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, ericnorthend. Appreciate it, people.
Congrads, thk god I'm old, I'll get that vision out of head soon.
Congratulations on GOLD pcrdds. This is definitely original.
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, AzureSky...hope the Queen likes it. .

Barack Obama Smart Alec in BritainFunny Barack Obama Smart Alec in Britain
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Obama code-named ‘smart alec’ in Britain
Excellent chop. And thanks for the news link - I now know how they called him

Muse Lead the Way for BritainFunny Muse Lead the Way for Britain
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Grammy Award News
yeah newsy right , did you painted that . it's great chop
Thanks a lot guys. and for Kratos I've just drawing in photoshop the face of character...probably the blur effect I try to drawing my own face caricature...difficult but it's fun. this is the model picture for the face:Face model

Prince Charles King of Britain in Time MagazineFunny Prince Charles King of Britain in Time Magazine
Member reactions:

Yep . The Windsors are every bit as vulgar as the SarkozyS.
"One is delighted to be King at Long Last"

Britain - Russia RelationshipFunny Britain - Russia Relationship
Member reactions:

"The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming"
Nice manicure on Gordon.
In the 70's we could have gone to war over this photo (NICE)

Back to BritainFunny Back to Britain
Member reactions:

It just might work...

Women of Britain PosterFunny Women of Britain Poster
Member reactions:

Women of Britain can talk for hours, why not use their voice to deter enemies.

Britain, France, Germany, Spain vs USFunny Britain, France, Germany, Spain vs US - Create posters promoting something linked to Britain, France, Germany or Spain and how they might compare in a more positive way to US culture... or create poster images that show how some aspect of the United States might be better than the countries listed above.

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