And the Bribe goes To
And the Bribe goes To
And the Bribe goes To.

Funny Mark Sanford Bribe

Mark Sanford Bribe
I just got this package in the mail. I've been working so much that I didn't get to respond in time to his letter before he had to tell the truth. I wouldn't have helped him anyway, but the hush money was a nice gesture...Hope you like it.
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious. Full view to read the letter.
"...what I need from you is a photo or two showing me doing something other than my mistress." .
and reference to Doxie's photo and manipulation. Doxie worked as assistant to Sanford, .
. Instant fave. That photo of Kevin was entered in a contest site over on Flickr (Down Under Challenge)months ago and it still gets used over there - as recently as a contest earlier this month. Luv this. Will show Kevin later. I know he will get a kick out of it.'s a twisted web we weave. Love the story line. Just do the Rio references figure into the story. (Jesus statue and "Rio for Partiers" lit). Rio is in Brazil, and more than a thousand miles from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Maybe Sanford has a mistress there also.
With a government credit card and mistress in hand, who's to say where he really ended up. He's gonna need to answer to a higher power after this mess, so hence the Christ the Redeemer statue. Rio seemed to be a great party place, so heck why not. I take all my mistress' there.
They had to go to Rio as part of a coverup of the coverup.
The Appalachian Trail goes through Rio, doesn't it.
Congrats KB--It's obvious you had fun with this one---It was fun for the rest of us as well.
Yes it was fun fun fun, KB. Congrats.....
Masterful humor and perfect chop skill. Thuis is such a crack up. Cobgradulations on the gold, KB......... Great too see this chop is from you..
congrats on the winner killerbee that was amazing work
Congrats Kbee Love the creative humor and composition.
Thank you all for the comments and votes. Work has been crazy, still working tons of overtime. This chop is what you get when you draw a mental blank and can't think of what to chop. So I just went and made up a story.

Funny German Shepherd Police Dogs Taking a Bribe

German Shepherd Police Dogs Taking a Bribe
Member reactions:
Trying to buy his way in to the Country. Shameless. Congratulations. DC. "We know what's up."
Excellent composition. Congratulations on the silver, DC.

Funny Man Accepting No Bribes

Man Accepting No Bribes
Member reactions:
HA HA Stolen Heart of all freaking members Well done

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