Boris Johnson is in the limbo of Brexit
 Boris Johnson is in the limbo of Brexit
Boris Johnson is in the limbo of Brexit.

Funny Boris is Brexit Hulk

Boris is Brexit Hulk
Ruffalo not impressed with Hulk Boris


Brexit: Johnson rejects Macron's two-week deadline for backstop plan

Funny Brexit! every man for himself

Brexit! every man for himself
Élisabthe II & Philip Mountbatten, Thérésa May & Pilip May Prince Charles de Galles mais où est Camilla Parker Bowles . .

Funny They Wants Precious Brexits

They Wants Precious Brexits
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Funny Brexit And Let Die

Brexit And Let Die
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Funny When brexit news came to EU staff

When brexit news came to EU staff
Merkel,queen Letizia,Hollande,Tarja Halonen and king Felipe were terribly sorry

Funny Brexit, Freedom

Brexit, Freedom
A Vote for Freedom. Source Images
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Funny Hermine in May, Brexit in June

Hermine in May, Brexit in June

Funny Brexit

It's official: Britain has voted to leave the EU. The referendum results were in Friday morning... ruined the pound and caused the global market panic. David Cameron announced his resignation. Google recorded a +250% spike in "what happens if we leave the EU" searches. Perhaps they should have googled it before casting their votes? Photoshop anything related to Brexit and its impact on any countries and people. Themepost credit: BBC

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